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Last month we hosted a Sip n See for all of our family and friends to come over and meet Everett. You might remember that we hosted a gender reveal party back in May to find out who baby #2 was going to be, you can find that post here. While it might seem crazy to invite a whole bunch of people over to meet your newest addition all at once, it actually made things a lot easier. By picking one date and having an open house for the afternoon, guests were able to come and go as they pleased. This saved us from having to arrange visits with everyone and allowed us to relax a bit for the first few weeks. While it most certainly would have been easier and greatly appreciated if someone had hosted this for us, we like to entertain and have no problems opening our doors to guests! Sometimes I think I function better when I am sleep deprived!

We kept it fairly simple this time by picking up mini donuts from our local grocery store and making some cupcakes, which Hazel helped me decorate. I normally make sugar cookies any time we have a party but with the lack of sleep I was not going to be spending hours baking an decorating so I whipped up some simple tarts instead. We served a handful of appies as well, again keeping everything simple. Think veggies and dip, chips and guacamole and the hit of the afternoon, a throwback to the 90’s, bagel bites! Those things barely made it to the table everytime we pulled them out of the oven!

As for decorations, again we kept it simple. Hazel and I painted a name banner on some burlap we had recently picked up. FYI when stringing it together make sure you don’t put it together backwards the first time! I think it’s only fair that I get to use the new mom, lack of sleep excuse here! I used our pumpkins that we had out for our Friendsgiving dinner the Monday before and placed several of Everetts newborn pictures through out our main floor.

We were so busy chatting and making sure our guests were content that I didn’t take any pictures of our guests! I did manage to snap a few before everyone arrived and of course got one of the guest of honour. Hope you enjoy!





sip2 sip1




Xo. Andria

3 thoughts on “Hello World

  • December 1, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    OMG look at that cute little muffin! I love the powdered donuts! it all looks great!

    • December 10, 2015 at 9:40 am

      Hi Callie, sorry for the late reply. They are Home Sense finds from a few years ago. They were spray painted gold.


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