Home is Wherever I’m With You {An Update}

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You might remember reading my post Home is Wherever I’m With  You, where I shared a bit about our struggle finding a new home. While finding the perfect home for us, one that checks off all the right boxes was taking a bit longer than we expected we were also struggling with comments from friends and family about how we were looking to move further into the Fraser Valley. For us the move just made sense and unfortunately others were not as understanding as we wished they would be. Since my post went up I’ve shared bits and pieces here and there about our upcoming move but never really gave you guys a final update to our situation so here it is.

We found a house!!

Towards the end of August we actually switched our search from the East Abbotsford area to the Promontory area of Chilliwack / Sardis. We actually just closed on our deal the other week so I haven’t left you guys in limbo for too long. After lots of back and forth and looking at older homes that would require lots of updating to make them “ours” we settled on a place that was still being built. While it didn’t offer us lots of flexibility in designs, colours, or layouts it pretty much checked off every box on our list. As much as we would have loved to go with one of the older homes and renovate it all ourselves with my husbands work schedule it just isn’t possible. His days are long and on the weekends we try and spend as much time together as we can as often he doesn’t see the kids during the week. So we would forever be living in a project house with a mile long list that would one day get done and that just didn’t make sense for us. 

My tub in the master!! There will be zero kids toys in this baby!!

So here we are eagerly awaiting our new home which if all goes well we take possession of the week before Christmas. How amazing is that, that we will be able to wake up on Christmas morning in our brand new house (surrounded by boxes of course). Of course the road to get there isn’t as easy as we would like and we still need to be out of our townhouse by the first week of November so we are off to a temporary rental to pass the time. This means we will be doing two moves in two months before we are finally settled. We are working hard on packing and purging. Trying to decide what essential items we will need for our temporary home and what can just be packed away until December. We are also busy trying to organize the shuffling of our utilities and mail. It seems like the to do list is never ending!

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All the built in LOVE for this fireplace!

In a nutshell if you’re wondering why its a bit quiet over here the next little while, this is why! I have a few things in the works for you, that I have been working on over the past few months and can’t wait to share them with you. This being said any DIY’s, new recipes, crafting etc all the fun stuff will be extremely limited as everything is packed up! Once we are all settled in the New Year it will be back to regular programming with lots of recipes, crafts and of course some home decor posts as I will have lots of that coming my way! 


Do you have any tips or suggestions on moving for us? Any packing tips that will help make things go quicker? How about ways to entertain the kids or better yet help them adjust to their new surroundings?

Xo. Andria

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