Homemade Popsicles


A couple of weeks ago I shared my recent pins from Pinterest with you (post found here). I had been busy pinning away homemade Popsicle recipes, well I finally got to make some myself. We had so much left over fruit from Hazel’s birthday (post coming soon :)) So I decided to use some of it to make Popsicles so it wouldn’t all go to waste.  I picked up some containers from Superstore and kept the recipes fairly simple. So simple they are just frozen fruit and boy are they delicious! The first ones I made were strawberry-pineapple,  all I did was dump all my left over strawberries and pineapple into a bowl and used my immersion blender to puree the fruit. I then poured the puree into the Popsicle containers and froze them over night. So simple, so yummy and no added sugar! The other ones I made were watermelon, just straight up watermelon! I still have a giant container of honeydew in the fridge so I think I am going to make some honeydew Popsicles, maybe pineapple-honeydew? All I know is the first batch was a success and I can’t wait to experiment some more!

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Xo. Andria


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