It’s to Die For


Last week I had a couple of loaves of To Die For Lemon Loaf show up on my door. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, it was the best mail day ever! The lemon loaf is hand made in small batches right here in Vancouver and delivered to local stores and coffee shops. As someone who enjoys to bake at home and very rarely purchases a baked good, it does not taste like a store bought product. With it’s organic lemon juice, squeezed from real lemons and toasted coconut flakes it gives the loaf the perfect melt in your mouth taste. The addition of poppy seeds and  toasted millet (which I had no idea what it was until now) gives it just the right amount of texture and crunch to each bite. My absolute favorite thing about the loaf is the light glaze on top, its just the perfect amount of sweetness to finish off the loaf. I might never bake another lemon loaf myself again, as this is just to good.

Erin Ireland is the face behind To Die for Foods and she wasn’t kidding around when she give her company that name, they really are to die for!  You may recognize Erin from CTV Morning Live or The Rush , where she is a contributing food reporter. For more information on To Die for Foods and a list of local stores and coffee shops you can purchase a loaf or slice of Lemon Loaf be sure to check out To Die for Foods. You can also follow Erin and To Die for Fine  Foods on Instagram here and here to stay up to date on new products and locations!

Xo. Andria

Disclaimer: The loaves of To Die for Lemon Loaf were given to me as a gift and were not intended as a blog post or for me to promote To Die for Foods. However the purpose of my blog is to share the things I love and I am so amazed with the quality of the Lemon Loaf that I could not not share it with you. The above thoughts are all 100% my own, I in fact just ate entire loaf while writing this 🙂

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