I’ve been pinning again

Well it’s no secret my child loves to read. We started reading to Hazel right after she was born and to this day she loves to curl up with us and read a book. I would actually say you are more likely to find her reading one of her books than playing with some of her toys. I would love to say she will just sit there quietly and read but that’s not always the case. Sometimes she can be found wandering throughout the house waiving a book in the air and very loudly telling us a story of her own. More often than none though you will find her squished in with all her toys, reading quietly with the entire contents of her bookshelf scattered about.


Last week when she wasn’t feeling well she was squished in the corner like above and I thought that can’t be all that comfortable. So I ran about the house and grabbed a few things to make her a comfy little corner in front of the couch to sit and read.We spent most of the day just reading on the blanket and building puzzles, it was such a cozy little area. Now I’m sure you have seen the latest craze for kids, reading teepees! They are super cute indoor teepees that you set up in your house and fill with toss pillows and cozy blankets to create a little nook for your child. I normally probably wouldn’t gravitate towards this trend but because Hazel likes to read so much I think it’s a must in our house. It’s basically a modern spin on an indoor forte and they are so pleasing to the eye so you don’t mind having it up all the time.

photo 1

So here I have been pinning away like a mad woman trying to figure out what’s going to be the best reading nook for our house. You can see what I have been pinning for ideas so far here.  One of the things I really like about the reading nook is it will help promote here reading habit and also give her a quiet place to relax. I am really torn with which route to go, do I do the teepee or the mosquito netting? One thing I love her the nice comfy rugs you see in all the pictures and the piles of throw pillows! Throw pillows can become an addiction if you are not careful, I mean have you seen some of the pillows at Chapters lately?!  I love them all, they are so amazing! We have one of the Chinchilla pillows from last season and it is the softest pillow ever! I think I will be using our current one for her reading nook and getting us a couple of new ones for living room. 🙂 Do you have a reading nook in your house? If so what did you do to create yours, I would love to see what you did. photo 2

Don’t forget if your not already following me on Pinterest you can join me here or just follow the reading nook board here. I love Pinterest it’s such a great place to go to look for ideas and create vision boards, what have you been pinning lately?

Xo. Andria

2 thoughts on “I’ve been pinning again

  • July 31, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    I’ve been dreaming of a teepee or reading nook of some sort too. Especially with planning a big girl room.

    • August 1, 2014 at 8:08 am

      Great minds think alike, I’ve been planning that too 😉


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