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When it comes to car maintenance and care I am pretty much the worst person out there. I know how to put gas in my car and drive it from A to B to C and that’s about it. I blame this partially on my husband since cars are his thing. Before I met him my car was my baby but once he entered my life I passed all car tasks on to him and haven’t looked back. There have been a few times were I’ve found myself with car questions and he hasn’t been around so I’ve been able to call some of his friends for help. But with us moving further into the valley this winter and further away from the majority of our friends and family my emergency call list is dwindling and it means I should probably learn a few things myself. Now I am not talking motor swaps or oil changes, just some basic tender loving care.  


What better way to start learning how to take care of my car than with replacing the cabin air filter. Why replace your cabin air filter you ask? Well, did you know that the cabin air filter cleans the air that enters your vehicle, removing dust, dirt and allergens? This is something that’s new to me so don’t feel ashamed if you didn’t. A clogged or dirty filter could also reduce the efficiency of your heating and defrosting and air conditioning system. With winter upon us having our vehicles running efficiently is key.  And if I’m carting around my most precious cargo I want to make sure that the air they are breathing inside the vehicle is as clean as possible. 


So on Sunday afternoon Hazel and I set out for a little mother daughter bonding at our local Canadian Tire to pick up our FRAM filters. While I am no stranger to the store it’s definitely the first time I’ve gone in and headed straight to the automotive department. Thankfully the aisles are easily marked out and finding the one that contained the filters was no problem as they had a whole aisle dedicated to Fram engine and cabin filters. While finding the parts that were appropriate for my car might seem like a daunting task this was just as easy. I simply flipped through the part catalogue to my make and model and scanned across for the appropriate part numbers. Once I located the part numbers it was just a matter of heading to the cashier and we were done.  I think Hazel and I were in the store for less than twenty minutes, this included photo our photo op outside the store 😉 . 



From there we headed home where the plan was to have my husband walk me through changing the cabin filter. Well of course when we got home, he wasn’t there and seeing as how I am both stubborn and impatient I set out to replace the cabin filter on my own. 


I was a bit leary of what I was about to get myself into but by the end I was amazed at how easy it was! Changing your cabin filter can be done in  10 simple steps.

  1. Purchase the appropriate FRAM filter for your make and model
  2. Open your glove box and remove the contents
  3. Remove the stops located on either side of the glove box, allowing it to dropdown.
  4. Unlatch the cabin filter cover 
  5. Remove the dirty filter
  6. Stare at your dirty filter in amazement and wonder why you haven’t changed it earlier
  7. Install the new filter
  8. Attach the cabin filter cover and ensure it is latched 
  9. Reinstall the stops on the glovebox 
  10. Voila you are done!
Removing the glovebox stops
The cabin filter cover
Look at all that dust and dirt!

Next up was the engine filter, this one I waited for hubby to come home to help with. I have never opened opened the hood of a car before so I thought it was best to wait. We easily located the engine filter and swapped out for the new filter, it was just as easy to replace as the cabin filter. Replacing both filters at the same times makes it easy to remember when you need to replace them again. Just as a clogged cabin filter leads to decreased performance a dirty engine filter can result in lower horsepower decreased acceleration. I think it’s safe to say Hazel and I have officially added replacing the filters in my car to our winter checklist.

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Do you change your own filters in your car? You can find more great tips on how to change them yourself here.

Xo. Andria

2 thoughts on “Just Call me a Mechanic Now #FRAMFresh

  • October 19, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    So impressed! You make it sound so easy. Now I’m curious if our air filter is behind the glove box too! I’ll have to see what my manual says.

  • October 20, 2016 at 3:31 am

    You are a brave woman! This helps so much to have it broken down step by step. I always feel like a dope automotive stores; like there was a class I missed in school. Education is power. Thanks!


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