Kandoo® Flushable Wipes; Saving Little Bums on the Go

Travelling with young children is no joke. Whether its a larger trip that involves flying hours away or just a short road trip a few hours down the road, it usually involves a change in routine. Changes in routine big or small can make a world of a difference to a young child, and sometimes the consequences aren’t that fun to deal with. With our recent trip to the island I wasn’t going to mess around and ensured I packed our KandooⓇ Flushable Wipes with us.


You see a few weeks before our trip, our entire family was taken down by a stomach flu. One by one it hit us all. To us adults it’s no big deal, we know it needs to run its course and within a day or two we are on the mend. But to young kids, especially kids that have just finished potty training, it can actually be quite shocking.

After months of trying, we had just finished potty training in our house for the second time when the stomach flu hit. It was like we had instantly taken three giant steps back,and  there was some fear of the toilet. We then had to spend some time teaching our little ones that this was the reason why we ensure we are constantly washing our hands and making sure we are wiping ourselves clean, so we can avoid these nasty stomach bugs in the future.

Kandoo® Flushable Wipes; Saving Little Bums on the Go

So with our trip to the island, knowing that we were going to be away from the comforts of our own house, I wanted to make sure we were bringing it with us on the road. From hotel bathrooms, ferry bathrooms, to wherever bathrooms, because I gotta go happens whenever, wherever, we had our Kandoo® Flushable Wipes with us. Not only are Kandoo® Flushable Wipes biodegradable, but they are also made with aloe and vitamin E. This means they are extra soft and gentle on little bums.

Thankfully with our Kandoo® Flushable Wipes and three straight days of on the go, we had zero issues when it came to using bathrooms. It was definitely a huge relief for us, especially after our setback a few weeks before.

Kandoo® Flushable Wipes, including the travel packs or the newly designed square tubs, can be found at your local Walmart, Loblaws, Sobeys and other select retailers.



 Kandoo® Flushable Wipes biodegradable


Xo. Andria

{Disclosure this post is in partnership with Kandoo® Flushable Wipes, however all opinions stated are my own.}

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