Kangaroo Creek Farm

When we went up to Vernon on Easter weekend, we made a quick trip to Kelowna to visit the Kangaroo Creek Farm. I had no idea this place existed until Tamara from Discovering Parenthood told me about it last year. If you are ever up on the Kelowna area you HAVE to go visit.

We started off our day with a yummy breakfast at the Jammery. Hazel proceeded to not only clear off her plate but also has no issues helping herself to my breakfast!!


We arrived at Kangaroo Creek Farm just as they were opening. I am so glad we did as within minutes the place was packed! Because of this it meant we were down the hill first and didn’t have to wait long if anything to hold the babies. We were given Steve to hold, he was just 3 weeks old. He was so cute, I wanted to sneak him into my purse and take him home with me. He leaned over and tried to give Hazel a kiss, which she wasn’t to thrilled with.

After or visit with Steve was were given some apple chips from the staff and walked around and fed all the wallbys throughout the farm. Hazel had a blast running around and feeding them and petting them. It was neat to watch them use their little hands to hold the apple chips and eat them. We did run into a few aggressive ducks that stole some of our apple chips, haha!


I highly recommend a visit to Kangaroo Creek Farm if you can. They are located just past the Kelowna airport. Admission is by donation, and goes towards paying staff wages and property maintenance. The suggested amount is $5 per person and is beyond reasonable for the amount of entertainment at the farm. We will definitely be going back on our next trip to the Okanagan!



Xo. Andria

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