Lion’s, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

On Valentines Day, we had great plans of waking up, having some pancakes and taking advantage of the great weather we were going to have and head for the zoo. My parents had also requested a little over night date with the monkey, so Evan and I had planned to join the rest of the Valentines Day lovers and head out for dinner that night. Well just as we were all about to dive into our pancakes Hazel decided to spew chunks everywhere, aka game changer. Long gone were our plans of the zoo and a nice dinner out, our day had quickly evolved to mid morning baths, extra cuddles and ordering in heart shaped pizzas later that night. However it seemed our go with the flu was short as the next morning Hazel was in much better spirits and the sun was shining so we decided to head for the zoo! (A few days later we would learn that vomiting is actually a symptom of ear infections and we were in for a lot more fun 🙁 )


This was Hazel’s first trip to The Greater Vancouver Zoo, and we couldn’t wait to take her as she loves her animals! As we were getting ready to go I remembered I had purchased an entertainment book late last year, so we checked and sure enough there was a coupon for an adult admission inside! I am not usually this frugal when it comes to outings like this but was feeling fairly proud of my savings that day, and will have to make sure we check for more local savings before we head out! It’s so easy to buy these books and then put them down and forget about them.


While Hazel can most certainly walk, we opted to bring the stroller, as we were going to be covering a lot of ground and new she would get tired quickly. We also knew this would mean we would have to spend less time trying to lead her in a certain direction. We had great time walking around and visiting all of the different animals. It was so fun to point out the different animals to Hazel and to listen to her imitate their sounds.


I think it’s safe to say the “kitties” were our favourite. The tiger is just absolutely stunning in person and it was fun to listen to Hazel roar as she approached. We watched a cougar go hunting for it’s lunch and it let out a nice “meow” right in front of us, which Hazel was quick to replicate. My personal favourite is the Lion, his mane is just so gorgeous, and he looked so cozy all flopped and stretched out in the sun, very similar to how Murray stretches out at home. As we turned to leave Hazel waved goodbye and said “Bye kitties” it was quite cute.


We had such a great time enjoying the sunshine and the animals, I can’t wait to go back again. As Hazel gets older and starts to take in things more and more I could see us getting a yearly pass for the zoo. It’s so close to home and makes for a great walk, with so much to see you hardly realize you’ve been walking for 2+ hours. Not only that a yearly pass pays for it’s self in just 3 visits and it includes parking and train rides, such great value! When was the last time you went and checked out your local zoo?

Xo. Andria






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