Live, Love, Play with Limeapple {review}


If you know Hazel, there’s a chance you know her nickname, Hurricane Hazel. It came to us out of no where and well it stuck. She is always on the go and there is no slowing her down. She loves with all her heart and most of all she plays hard. This girl shows no fear when it comes to pretty much anything {except the monsters under the bed} and a little dirt is not going to slow her down! While she love to play hard and get dirty she also likes to look cute while doing so and has become quite opinionated about what she wears. Enter in Limeapple.

Limeapple is a girls clothing boutique that believes little girls should be free-spirited, adventurous, creative and energetic. When a brands mission matches your child’s mindset to a T you know its perfect for you. Made of high quality fabrics that wash up like a dream, the outfits are perfect for getting play and getting dirty. Coordinating outfits that come in a variety of bright vibrant colours, make for quick morning decisions and even the pickiest toddler can help pick out their outfit! Not only are the garments preshrunk for the perfect fit, the outfits are most importantly affordable. We all know that children tend to out grow and more often stain or wreck an outfit long before its intended lifespan so this is key.

As the warmer weather approaches us and we are spending more time outdoors, I have a feeling we will be living in our Little Lime Honey Set!

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Xo. Andria

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