Long Weekend Fun

I hope everyone had a safe and fun long weekend. This weather we have had this summer has been amazing, no complaining in our house about going outside! We are gearing up for our annual camping trip so we kept it fairly low key this past weekend.

On Saturday we headed down to Granville Island for a walk around. We stopped in at craft beer market for a bite to eat on our way. One would think with a name like Craft Beer Market it wouldn’t be a place to take your kids but that’s not the case. I myself was amazed at the amount of families in the restaurant and lots of them with young kids. The only downside to this was they did not have enough high chairs for everyone. Other than the lack of chairs we thoroughly enjoyed our visit, the food was delicious and we will definitely be going back!

On Sunday we headed out to Krause Berry Farms for some waffles. Little did we know the only berries available were blueberries, which is totally fine with me but not for Evan and Hazel. I enjoyed the fresh blueberries underneath a mountain of whip cream while they enjoyed their plain waffles with blueberry syrup. After our waffles we walked around back to visit their farm animals, I think this is Hazels favorite part about visiting Krause. She loves animals and squeals with delight everytime she sees one.

On Monday our friend aka Uncle Dean came over and we headed out to Rocky Point for some fun at the spray park and of course some ice cream. Before we left Evan managed to get into an epic battle with out cat who decided to escape the house (he’s indoors only). This resulted in a bite or two and an armful of scratches. Once we arrived at the park and beelined it for the water. Rocky Point is my favorite spray park so far as it has enough water features for the big kids and some for the little kids. Both times we have been there it’s been packed but she has never been trampled which hasn’t been the case at other parks. We finished off our afternoon of fun with some ice cream at Rocky Point Icecream There is just something about watching little kids try and eat an ice cream cone. Hazel had ice creaming dripping down her chin onto her little belly and she kept dropping the cone. The first time it was salvageable, just a few asphalt sprinkles, no big deal. The second and third time it dropped you could hear the cone breaking as it smashed to the ground, which of course resulted in a full on melt down as we took it away. A good sign that our day at the park was over and it was time to head home.

Enough of the yammering here are a few pictures from our weekend. I have really been lacking in the picture taking department lately, so there is just a couple.







Xo. Andria

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