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We received our maternity photos the other day from Emily and I couldn’t wait to share them with you. As most of you know we always use Emily of Emily Leeman Photography for all of our family photos. She specializes in newborn and maternity photography. Not only is she extremely talented, she’s pretty much family to us!  It was so hard to pick which ones to shares I love them all! It was definitely different this time around as we had Hazel in the pictures and at two she just doesn’t sit still! Thank goodness Emily is amazing with kids and we also had Sarah from Notting Hill Photography there helping out. Not only did Sarah help us out with our photoshoot but she also lent us that gorgeous dress I wore in the water photos. The water photos turned out amazing and I had a lot of fun shooting them with Emily and Sarah. Once that dress got wet boy was it heavy! Hazel was so concerned that I was down in the water and I didn’t have my shoes on. If we were able to keep her still for more than two seconds we would have tried to take some photos of her and I down in the water, but at this age that was just not happening. With out further ado here are our maternity / family photos for baby #2, we can’t wait to meet this little guy!

andria 1

andria 2

andria 4

andria 5

andria 6

andria 8

andria 9

andria 12

andria 13

andria 14

andria 15

andria 17

andria 18

andria 23

andria 25

andria 24

andria 27

Xo. Andria

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