Mom and Tots DIY Herbal Salves


A few weeks ago the kids and I had the pleasure of attending a mom and tot DIY herbal salves class at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. {Sidenote this was our first visit to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. and we we were totally blown away}. The class was led by Lori Snyder an Aboriginal Herbalist and she took us through several different ways you can use plants to create medicinal salves to help nourish and heal your body. 

In the class we used Lemonbalm, to create a beeswax salve, and boy was it ever easy! Lemon balm is a perennial herb from the mint family. It can also be referred to as Melissa, Honey plant or sweet balm.  Known to help relieve stress, enhance sleep, increase calmness, aide with digestion, as well as increase alertness, its a great plant to have on hand. 

Lemon balm Beeswax Salve

1 oz beeswax

1 cup infused oil (infused with your lemon balm)

Simply melt the wax in a double boiler over low-medium heat. Once melted, slowly add in your oil. Stir together and pour into clean containers. 

If you are interested in attending, there are two more Mom and Tot workshops scheduled. May 18th they have Get Your Greens with R.H.N. Brendan Young.  Learn the benefits of eating spring greens by creating healthy smoothies. On June 8th they have Buzzing bees, again with R.H.N. Brendan Young, learning the wonders of bees and the healthy benefits of honey. I think I might take Hazel to Buzzing Bees, as she’s fascinated with bees these days! All workshops are held at the Main Street location of Rocky Mountain Flat bread co and are $7.95 per person with 100% of the profits going to Earthbites.




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