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I have been so busy the last couple of weeks planning my sisters shower and then prepping everything for Hazel’s birthday party that I haven’t spent all that much time with Hazel. Don’t get me wrong she was not neglected, Evan was off for the last two weeks so they had lots of daddy daughter bonding time, which was perfect as Evan works fairly long hours so it gave them a chance to connect.  This being said I decided on Sunday that Monday was going to be a good mommy daughter bonding day, we were going to go to the beach, play in the sand, eat some watermelon and just enjoy our time together.We did exactly that and boy did we have fun! We had so much fun that I have made it my goal now to enjoy the rest of the month with her before I go back to work to its full potential. I am going to try to take her on one small adventure each and everyday until the end of the month. The last two days we have had a lot of fun and enjoyed the sun all while keeping the costs to a minimum.











On Monday after Hazel’s morning nap we loaded up the car and off to Whiterock we went. The tide was coming in as we got there so I knew we wouldn’t have too much time in the sand but we had just enough. We didn’t want to play in the sun for too long and there is only so much sand a one year old can eat 🙂 We picnicked on the beach with leftover snacks from her party the day before, all snacks were enjoyed with a light sprinkling of sand, I can’t recall the last time I ate so much sand, or was covered in so much sand. Oh the joys of mommyhood. Trying to keep a one year old contained to one spot is also quite the task, little monkey is a wanderer and wanted to check out everyone else’s blanket to see what they were up to. We retreated to the grass once the water approached us and enjoyed some sand free play in the shade, where she again tried to creep on everyone else’s blanket.


Tuesday morning after way to much time away from the gym I decided I needed to go back for a visit, so we headed into New West. After my work out we headed over to Hume Park for another picnic and some play in the spray park. Picnicking without the involvement of sand is so much easier with a one year old. We actually ate lunch today, again party leftovers, so much fruit and veggies!

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It looks like we are getting a good start on my summer bucket list (if you missed that post go here). I think we might try and go back to Krause this week for some waffles and pick some berries and possibly go to a wading pool. Anything else you can think of we should do?

Xo. Andria




2 thoughts on “Mommy daughter bonding

  • July 9, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    So nice to take in each and every day remaining during your mat leave! Where did you get the onesie Hazel is wearing in white rock? I absolutely love it and wouldn’t mind one in T3 for my little sweetheart!

    • July 9, 2014 at 9:56 pm

      Alana it’s a swim suit from Old Navy, I think it might be from the baby section though.


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