Monday Mantra


Happy Monday Friends! I apologize for the lack of blogging as of late, life has been a bit  crazy lately.  With the return to work my free time has been reduced to after Hazel is bathed and in bed and by that time I myself am ready for bed so NOTHING gets done.  Hazel has also been teething really bad as of late, her molars are coming in so we have had some sleepless nights in our house which means absolutely nothing gets done. That being said we are camping this week, which means lazy days with lots of sun and lots of free time after Hazel goes to bed, so I am sitting here with my solo cup of wine and catching up. Have a great week everyone!

Xo. Andria


One thought on “Monday Mantra

  • August 11, 2014 at 8:11 am

    Enjoy camping! I hope her molars come through soon.


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