This past Monday was just one of those days were Monday lived up to its undesirable reputation. It is the perfect example as to why I started this blog and a reason that it never hurts to have a glass of wine before 5pm! The day its self wasn’t completely horrible I did get a chance to hang out with two friends and make a loaf of Banana Bread, just a bit of a gong show in the making. So here goes:

I had a girlfriend coming over to hang out for a bit in the morning so I made sure Hazel and I were up and ready before her arrival. There have been a few times were someone shows up and we are still in pj’s or just eating breakfast, some mornings we just aren’t motivated, what can I say. Anyways she was all fed and clean so I set her up at the coffee table with a bunch of books and toys to entertain herself while I took care of the brown bananas sitting on my island, hello Banana Bread (see previous post here for recipe). As I started to prep I noticed she was chewing on something, we had already eaten part of a book the previous week so this did not surprise me. As I approach her I can see a large pile of brown coloured drool on the coffee table and down her cute little romper. Judging by the colour I knew exactly what I was dealing with, dog food. Not the first time this has happened, definitely won’t be the last and not harmful, I just don’t want her snacking on it. Once that was removed, I went on making my Banana Bread, you can see a cute video of her chomping away on the kibble here on Instagram.

My girlfriend arrived while the loaf was in the oven and once it was out we decided we would walk up to Starbucks to grab a drink. Starbucks isn’t that far from our place and I have done the walk with Hazel and Izzy numerous times alone so we obviously were going to bring Izzy too. Now I knew it was hot out and of course bulldogs are not great in the heat so I made sure I brought some water with us. Well apparently our “little” Izzy is a bit out of shape so we didn’t make it very far before she was panting. As we walked I would stop and give her water along the way, as we got closer to Starbucks though her breathing started to get really heavy, like scary heavy. So what did I do? I picked her up and carried her for as long as my little arms would let me. Now your laughing right? Here I am pretty much waddling away as I try to carry a 53lb bulldog down the sidewalk. We stopped in the shade and let her have some more water, at this point she finished the water bottle I had brought for her, I think it’s time to upgrade my bkr to a 1 litre bottle! At this point I picked her up again to carry her across the parking lot to Starbucks, of course some lady stopped me as I was picking her up and said “You’re not actually going to carry her are you?” Of course I was! Here I am again waddling away with a 53lb bulldog across a parking lot as a patio full of gawkers are staring me down. Phew we made it to Starbucks, thank goodness for an outside tap, water dish and a whole lotta shade for my Izzy. My girlfriend and I have now agreed she will stay and watch the kid and the dog and I will cab it home to get the car to ensure a safe travel home.

The taxi ride. What did you think the taxi ride was going to a be smooth sailing? HAHA not this Monday. Alright so I hop in and tell him my address and we are off. About 5 minutes later as we are pulling up INFRONT of my house I go to grab my keys and guess what? They are in the stroller, at Starbucks! So I say to the driver, “we have to go back” and he responds “What do you mean?” Seriously? When I say we have to go back what do you think I mean? So here we go back to Starbucks grab the keys and back home again. I grab the car and go back and pick everyone up and head home to let Izzy enjoy some pool time to cool down a bit more. This dog is something else, she loves her pool, its pretty funny to watch her flail around in it and try to drink all the water, more about the water drinking after, but first here’s a picture of Izzy in her pool.


So about all that water drinking, of course what goes in must come out, right? Well Izzy went over to the baby gate that leads to downstairs to let me know she had to go outside. At that exact moment I realized I needed to use the lady’s room, I told Izzy to hang on just a second cause Mommy needed to go first or else she was going to pee her pants. I was in the washroom maybe a whole 2 minutes, when I came out I could here Hazel crying. As I rounded the corner I see her crying and slipping in a GIANT puddle LAKE! You guessed it, Izzy had peed all over the floor. Did I mentioned Evan had just washed the floors the night before? *face palm* So I scooped up Hazel and held her out about 2 feet from me and whisked her into the bathroom. I placed her in the tub clothing and all. Thank goodness this kiddo loves her bath, she was delighted to have a mid day bath. After she was all cleaned up, I snapped a picture or two of her ridiculous top knot and made my way downstairs to clean up Lake Izzy. Shortly after I was able to put Hazel down for a couple of hours, which gave me sometime to unwind before Evan came home from work.


Well I hope you enjoyed that essay of a day and that it at least made you laugh, once or twice. I’m not sure how I am going to be able to top this one but I am sure with these two it will happen!

Xo. Andria










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  • June 5, 2014 at 9:10 am

    Sounds like a special special day, hope you had some wine therapy that night! Chester is useless in the heat too. I literally bought him a doggy cool coat (aka a wetsuit) but you can also soak a t-shirt in water and put it on them. It works really well, they do look ridiculous but it’s better than having to lug them around. Which we have done oh so many times!


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