My go to Beach Bag

Yesterday I shared with you a few of our recent adventures and my plan to go on as many adventures with Hazel as possible before the end of the month. Well we all know when going out and about with a toddler that you need to bring a lot of stuff with you. A lot is an understatement, you pretty much need to pack the house! There’s diapers, wipes, food, water and formula if you are out for awhile. As well as sunscreen, sun hats and a change of clothes, and sometimes a change of clothes for you as well. The trick is to find one bag that is able to carry everything, so your not lugging around 30 bags and a toddler. Summer makes it a bit trickier as it gets warmer out and you want to keep your snacks and drinks cool, but I have found the ULTIMATE beach bag. I say the ultimate beach bag as it is able to contain everything I need, including beach towels, it keeps my food cold and it came with the amazing price tag of about $5! I know right? The ultimate bag for only $5! What is this  bag you ask, it’s a Costco Cooler Bag. I am dead serious, its light weight, holds a tone of stuff and is able to keep items hot or cold. I have been lugging this thing around for the last couple of days know and it’s amazing. The last time I was at my local Costco they still had them, so if you are in the market for a beach bag that is big enough for towels, toddler gear and food, RUN, don’t walk, this bag is totally worth it.


Xo. Andria

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