My Hospital Bag, the Third Time Around

As you’ve read by now my delivery and hospital stay didn’t quite go as planned this time. If you haven’t yet read Ryerson’s birth story, I suggest you do 🙂 And I won’t even lie I was a bit disappointed but probably not for the reason you are thinking. I’m not disappointed because I delivered in my car, that makes for one heck of a memory. I am disappointed because I feel like I finally nailed packing my hospital bag and it only took three pregnancies to get it right, haha. So in case your wondering here is what I packed in my hospital bag, the third time around. 

My Hospital Bag, the Third Time Around

For the room:

My pillow, because no one likes hospital pillows. Sadly given our short stay and being wheeled in on a stretcher this remained in the hatch of the car. 

A small diffuser with essential oils. This was recommended to me by a friend and I can’t get over what a great idea it is. It would have been a great way to create a comfortable soothing environment into the room while I laboured. But unfortunately there was no time to plug it into the car, haha.

My Hospital Bag, the Third Time Around

For Baby:

Two nice stretchy swaddle blankets. I packed two (Vonbon and Solly Baby are my favourites) just incase an accident should accrue. As much as I appreciate the nice cozy towels the hospitals provide, I find they can still be a little rough on the baby’s skin so I prefer to use my own blankets.

The cosiest knotted sleep gown from Modern Baby. Again this was something that remained untouched in the hospital, insert ugly crying face because it’s just so cozy. Because we weren’t going to be staying long when it was time to dress him post bath he went straight into his going home outfit. But trust me this gown has had plenty of use once we got home. The tie bottom made it easy for those first few weeks when middle of the night diaper changes are necessary. 

Kimono style body suits with footed pants. This was the first time I’ve ever purchased these and boy am I glad I did. I absolutely dread putting a bodysuit over a babys head the first few weeks, they just seem so fragile (yet the delivery process isn’t friendly so I know they can handle it) but it’s just so much easier to dress and undress them this way. 

The tiniest pair of warm mocs from Minimoc for our journey home. Probably one of the things that I was most excited to pack. They are just so tiny, cute and cozy, perfect for our little winter baby.

Lastly, Belly Bags provided me with a super soft wash cloth and some So Luxury, Coco Oat bath for babies first bath.

My Hospital Bag, the Third Time Around

For me:

I always treat myself to a new set of pjs for my hospital stay. Nothing fancy just something I will be comfy in. This time I went with a pair of joggers from Old Navy and a nursing tank. I have been living in both of these day in and day out since Ry’s arrival, but don’t worry I do wash them! 😉

Snacks! I packed a couple of KIND protein bars and a vitamin water to keep me going through labour. And of course this is the one time I actually managed to pack snacks in my bag and also it’s the one time I wouldn’t actually have time to eat them. 

Toiletries were provided to me by Belly Bags as part of her 4th trimester bag. Her bags are such an amazing idea as all I really had to add to my bag was clothing and snacks. Sadly once again I didn’t even tough any of it in the hospital as I opted to wait until I got home to have a nice hot shower. But once at home I was able to dive into the post partum tea bath and other goodies. Side note she really did find the “best” pads for post delivery and I was so thankful to have them for the first few days.

Lastly, my camera and once again it didn’t really get used and its probably the one thing that upsets me the most. We were able to snap a few pictures when the kids came for a quick visit before we went home, but other than that we have no first pictures of Ryerson in the hospital. No picture of Ev cutting the cord, no picture of the three of us right after delivery, etc, etc. All those first time moments were able to capture with the first two we missed this time. 

What did you pack in your bag? Is there anything you would add to mine?

Xo. Andria




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