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While we are most certainly no strangers to TV, more importantly Netflix. One thing is for sure and that is it very rarely leaves the house with us. That is until now.  I know the technology is not new, but for the first time ever we are going to download and take our Netflix on the go.

netflix on the go

The kids watch their fare share of Netflix, somedays its the only thing that can keep me sane (we all have those days) or them eating. I don’t know how many times I’ve cursed the pause button as it always seems to pause while I am in the bathroom. Some may argue that there is a thing as too much tv but as my friend Carolyn said in this great post, it’s about the balance.

I for one find that tv really helps to spark Hazel’s imagination as well as break down the stereotypical girl and boy world. All on her own she’s been mixing in shows that are geared more towards boys (in my opinion) and is absolutely loving them. We are finding ourselves watching less and less of the fairytales and princess stories and more shows like Dinotrux and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Just the other day she was dressed up as Rapunzel and she was getting ready to marry Donatello. It was neat to see how the shows added to her imaginative play, letting to very unlikely worlds collide. And I can’t even list the amount of times she’s applied something she learnt on Justin Time to a situation in real life. It really is amazing all the little things they pick up, screen time or no screen time.

So with this being said, as we are set to jet off on Sunday on our first family vacation as four. I am prepping my download list to keep the kids entertained on our flight. So now my only question is what do I fill my download list with? Do I download every single episode of Paw Patrol (don’t worry the kids have headphones 😉 ) or do I pick a movie and hope that it does the trick?

What would you do? What is your Netflix speed dial? The one show your kids can’t live with out and will save any public meltdown in a heartbeat?

Xo. Andria 

{Disclosure, we are part of the Netflix stream team and receive special perks to showcase our favourite shows to stream. As always, everything stated above is my own opinion}

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