A New Way to Roll


This spring as we got closer and closer to three one thing grew very apparent, our desire to be independent was growing stronger everyday. Riding in the stroller along with our brother was no longer fun and exciting, we wanted to be set free. The only problem with being set free was moms requests to stay by her typically fell on deaf ears and we would dart off from place to place. It was clear we needed to find a new way to roll and we needed to find one fast. We needed something that was fun and exciting but still provided some boundaries.

Thankfully for us our stroller came with an option that would provide us with a solution that would keep both parties happy. When we purchased our UPPAbaby VISTA we knew that we were making a wise decision as it would allow for multiple kids as our family expanded by adding on the RumbleSeat. The rumble seat was the perfect attachment for when Everett was born, as Hazel was just two and walking for longer periods of time was out of the question. As the year went on and they both got bigger we had to swap seats, Everett now rode in the RumbleSeat and Hazel in the main seat. We could configure the seats multiple ways both facing in, both facing out or opposite ways. Slowly Hazel was no longer wanting to sit in the stroller, this meant it was officially time for us to take the next step in rolling. It was time to bring out the PiggyBack attachment. This decision was solidified even more when we realized how easy it was to add the PiggyBack onto our stroller. It was simply snapped onto the frame of the VISTA and we were ready to roll.


Hazel now has the freedom to walk beside but also has the option to hop on and roll when she gets tired. Darting off has become less and less of an issue as we were more interested in sticking near and rolling along whenever we get the chance. Aside from not having Hazel dart off any more, the fact that PiggyBack takes up virtually no room and can be left on at all times is a huge win for me. I can easily open and collapse the stroller, all while having it attached and it takes up no extra space in my car. For days when Hazel wants to sit I can still have both seats attached to the stroller, as well as the PiggyBack. This also means should we, dare I say it, go for number three, we wouldn’t need to worry about getting a bigger stroller. Should it happen I will easily be able to push three kids around from newborn to toddler with ease.








Xo. Andria

{This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.}

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