New Year, New Milestones

As we leave behind 2016 and head into the New Year one thing is very clear in our house and that is that the kids are already paving the way for a very momentous year. This year they will be turning 4 and 2 and are already showing us early on that there is going to be no slowing them down as the year progresses. I mean we are only on day 3 here and the changes are already incredible.

For many today marked the return to school after the winter break but for us it marked Hazel’s very first day of preschool! Before we moved it was an idea we had tossed around but when the time came we were in the process of our move and we were still unsure of where we were going to end up so we decided against enrolling her in September. I won’t lie I felt a little sad in September when everyone was posting their first day of school pictures and the thought that I had let my child down crossed my mind on several occasions that day. But a few weeks later we had found our new home and one of the very first calls I placed was to enrol her in the local preschool for the New Year. It was very apparent that this was something that both she and I needed. She is a very BUSY girl and needs all the interaction she can get and honestly I can’t always live up to her needs.

The past few weeks we have all been eagerly counting down to this morning and there was zero hesitation when it came to leaving for school this morning. This girl was more than ready for her first day, so much so that she hardly said goodbye to me when I dropped her off. The teachers offered me the option to spend the morning there with the class but I knew she was going to be more than ok without me so as soon as I was able to I ran out that door and didn’t look back… Ok I might have peeked in the window as I walked back to my car just once  twice but she was contently playing and thats all I needed to know.

Everett and I enjoyed our first little one on one date. We cruised the aisles at Homesense and grabbed a coffee before returning to pick up our other partner in crime. Upon our return, she spotted us right away and was eagerly waiving from her spot in the circle. Right away it was very clear as to how much fun she had. Incase you are wondering the teachers have already picked up on her nickname, Hurricane Hazel, although I’m not sure they quite understand the full strength of her storm…yet.

Oh man, I don’t even know where to start with this little guy, he has really been throwing us for a loop the last few weeks. He started off the move to our new house by actually sleeping through the night for the first time in about a year, which I won’t lie was absolutely amazing! I am not to sure if all the extra sleep gave him super strength or what because no word of a lie the next thing he was doing was climbing in AND out of his crib!! And he has been super stealthy about it too. This has had us remove the front of his crib much sooner than we would like to but its the safest option we have at this point. Our new battle is to now get him to stay in his crib and not wander about his room. He has also been using his new found love of climbing all over the house and I can’t keep him off of anything! If he keeps this up I am going to have to remove any form of chair or stool from our house as these provide access to everything. His new favourite place to play (and dance) is the kitchen island. I bet you can only imagine the look on my face when I came out of the bathroom this morning to find him dancing on it. Aside from the fact that he knows how to turn the faucet on and turn it around (ugh) it provides great motivation to always keep it clear. I don’t know what it is but it seems as though as soon as 15.5 months hit so did the monkey switch and this guy is just into EVERYTHING. At this point Hazel was in daycare full time so I have nothing to compare it too but I can’t imagine her being this crazy, at least not yet 😉

So if you have any tips on how to survive a very busy toddler without completely gutting my home or any amazing snack ideas for preschool please share away and leave me a comment, I always love your input.

Xo. Andria

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