Newborn Photoshoot Q & A’s with Emily Leeman Photography

Hope everyone had a great time over the holidays and got to spend lots of time with family and friends. We had plenty of fun and ensured that our bellies were stuffed full of yummy treats. Now that the holidays are over (with the exception of New Years) I will try and get back to blogging regularly for you 🙂

This week on our maternity series we have Emily Leeman from Emily Leeman Photography back with us, answering our top questions on booking  a newborn photoshoot.

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When should I book a newborn photographer?

As soon as you feel comfortable telling friends and family, some of my clients tell me before their family.

How do we pick a date, if we don’t know when the baby will be born?

I take my clients due dates, put them on my calendar, then when baby is born they have to contact me right away. We will then book a set date for the up coming week.

When is a good time to photograph newborns?

Newborns are typically photographed between 5 and 10 days. This may vary if they have had to have a stay in the NICU.

Will my baby be warm enough during the shoot?

Oh yes! My studio is heated to a summery 26-27 degrees. This is a crucial part of helping baby sleep through the session.

Do you work out of a studio or do you come to ones home?

My studio is located in Maple Ridge, BC. I use to travel to homes but I find if I can control the setting, that the sessions go much smoother. My studio is quite comfortable and has a TV so mom and dad can just sit back, relax and watch a movie or get caught up on their shows 

Do you have your own props?

Yes! my clients do not have to bring anything, unless they have a special blanket or hat that they would like to use in their session.

How long is each session?

Newborns are all so different, most sessions are between 2-4 hours. But I don’t have a time limit. If I need more time I will take it. I believe in giving all my clients a beautiful product and some babies just need more time then others.

What happens if the baby doesn’t cooperate?

I have had a few babies that have had very sore tummies and were very fussy but I try to find a way to get them comfortable and get the session done that day. Chances are, if they are fussy that day, they will be the same if you reschedule. I have only every rescheduled one baby and she wasn’t any more comfortable the next time.

Can we have family members in the pictures?

Yes please!! These are some of my favourite shots.

What level of retouches will I receive?

I include basic retouching in all my photos. Blemishes, skin colour correction and a bit of smoothing.

Why does the price very so much for newborn photography?

I think there is all different qualities of newborn photography and that is where the cost comes in. Photographers that have high quality equipment, props, have done workshops, training and experience are going to charge more. With experience come the safety of your baby!!! Everyone knows how to hold a baby but not everyone knows how to pose a baby and do it safely. When looking into a newborn photographer, training in newborn photography should be one of the things you ask about.

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If you have any questions for Emily, please feel free to leave them in the comments or email them to myself and I will be sure to pass them on to her.

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