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Here in Canada we are so fortunate with our school system, both primary and secondary. While we might not have as much support staff as we would like, or the perfect class room size, what we do have is an education system that allows all of our children to attend, and to attend at no cost. We also know that when we send our children to school they are attending in a safe environment and a building that’s up to safety codes. In certain parts of Africa, families aren’t so lucky. They quite often can’t afford to send their children to secondary school or if they can afford to send them, the often send the boys over the girls. This has led Africa to have the highest drop out rate of girls in secondary schools in the world. It’s a very unfortunate stat and definitely has me counting my blessings that I am able to raise my children in a country where I don’t have to worry about affording basic education. This is where the One Girl Can comes in to play.


One Girl Can is a registered charity based out of Vancouver. Founded by Lotte Davis, the charity works to build, educate and mentor, impoverished girls living in areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Not only do they build and rehabilitate educational centres, they also work to maintain them, to continue to provide a safe place for educational growth. Through sponsorships they are able to send girls through secondary school and further their educational needs. Did you know that an education provides the following for girls:

  • Helps a girl to respect herself and to be respected by others.
  • Empowers girls to challenge traditionally held gender roles.
  • Drastically reduces child marriage and number of children per family.
  • Increases quality of health for the mother and her children.
  • Fosters critical thinking skills essential for effective leadership.
  • Increases the economic prosperity of the family.
Education for girls is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays the foundation for sustained economic growth Click To Tweet

How can you help you ask? On Thursday April 21st, 2016, One Girl Can will be holding their 2nd annual Fundraising event at The Imperal. Tickets for the event are $65 and include appetizers, a complimentary drink and an AG product gift bag, valued at $68. The evening will include hearing from One Girl Can founder, Lotte Davis, as well as auctions filled with everything from African Safaris to Party Skirts! If you are interested in attending please visit to purchase your ticket. Don’t worry if you are unable to attend but still want to donate to this great cause, you can. By clicking the above link you are able to donate an amount that suites your budget or sponsor an item they need to build new dormitories and washrooms for a school in Kenya. 


Xo. Andria


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