DIY Christmas Ornaments

This year due to a certain little someone, we only have plastic ornaments on our tree. The downside is I am left with a box of glass ornaments that don’t get any love this year, and maybe next year too. I know I could put glass ornaments on my tree but the amount of time and effort it would take to try and tell Hazel not to touch would wear me out. I was in the garage the other day and the 30 seconds I was in there all I could here was ping, ping and came upstairs to see half the decorations on the ground 🙁 Seeing as they are only out for a few weeks each year, it saddens me to think they might not even see the light of day for a year or two!


So to satisfy my  love for my glass ornaments this year I purchased a little tinsel tree from Superstore for my buffet and placed a few of my favourites on the tree. Since I was going for a clean and simple look to my buffet I kept the ornaments on the tree the same, and went with ones I created myself last Christmas.


Last year I stumbled upon a little DIY Christmas ornament by the Sugarplum Sisters, Pam and Laurel and instantly fell in love. They took clear glass balls and using stencils they painted words onto the ornaments and placed a couple coloured pompoms inside. I hightailed it to the store last year to get supplies to make my own and set to work. I opted to skip the pompoms and loved how my ornaments turned out, they were clean, simple and pretty.


I have to say they go quite well with my neutral, clean and simple Christmas set up on my buffet. Heck, even Murray fits right in with the decor 😉 Silly bugger, gets away with everything cause he’s just too cute! For details on how to make your own ornaments, check out this DIY tutorial on the Sugar Plum Sisters site. PS they just might have a London Fog Shortbread recipe up on their site right now, another must try I think!!

Have you made any ornaments for your house? I would love to see what you’ve created.

Xo. Andria

2 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Ornaments

  • December 16, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    I should really buy one of those tinsel trees because we also have a bunch of glass ornaments sitting in a box (away from our 16 month old). We do put up some of our glass ornaments, but only at the top. Honestly, our tree looks really sad this year because he keeps picking off the ornaments off the bottom. oh well!

  • December 16, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    My toddler has already broken a few ornaments, and we’ve had the tree up less than a week. He’s fascinated by this giant new “toy” up in his living room. I miss the fancy glass ornaments too!


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