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As the camping season is upon us I find myself reflecting on last years trip and our outdoor movie night, eagerly awaiting this years trip. While we are no strangers to camping, camping with kids is still fairly new to us. It seems that each year, for the last three years, we have had to make small adjustments along the way and that’s just the way it will be for the next few years. The biggest adjustments are our sleeping arrangements. Where we once were able to sleep in, our days now start very early, really early. When sleeping in a tent, there is no hiding the fact that when the sun comes up and kids are quick to follow suit. 

outdoor movie night

At night before kids were even a distant thought, we would typically pick someone’s campsite to play card games and enjoy a few beverages. Now, it’s all about finding entertainment for the kids, trying to get them to wind down from the busy day before settling to sleep in the tent. The older kids usually run about the camp site with glow sticks playing tag and other games, something that’s still a few years away for our kids. With the hot dry weather in B.C., campfires are typically always banned so that form of entertainment is also ruled out. Since Hazel’s not quite old enough to join the older kids, we needed to come up with something that would entertain her in the evening.

This year, I thought it would be fun to create an outdoor movie night experience, right at our own campsite. We’ve seen it done before, where fellow campers pull out the laptop and as it gets dark the kids all huddle around and watch a movie under the stars. While the laptop is a great idea, the more kids you have the harder it is to see the screen, we needed to do something bigger. So I set out to put on an outdoor movie night for Hazel, her cousins and their campsite friends while we were camping this year.

outdoor movie night

I was quick to organize a projector before our trip, I knew all our internet needs for streaming the movie would be taken care of thanks to “glamping” and because I was a Shaw Wide Open Subscriber at home, I was able to access Shaw’s Go WiFi hotspots on the road. That only left us with deciding on how to build the perfect screen…and with a little help, okay a lot of help from my hubby, we created our own DIY movie screen. Of course when I say we…I meant he created a DIY movie screen. I shared my vision with him and he was able to bring it to life for me. We picked an opening between two trees overlooking the lake to set up our screen, making sure to set it up nice and early so that we weren’t struggling in the dark.  And then we waited until it was dusk to arrive.

outdoor movie night
Is it dusk yet? Is it dusk yet?

Once the sun had gone down over the other side of the lake, it was time to roll! We had a selection of movies downloaded on my laptop and the kids were all quick to agree that we should watch The Good Dinosaur. Quickly, little chairs begun to line up in front of the screen, popcorn was handed out and once they were all still the show started to play.

Now, one would typically think that streaming a movie would take up a lot of data, but thankfully because we are Shaw Wide Open subscribers at home, we were able to access Shaw’s Go WiFi access at our disposal. It meant we were able to stream our movie with zero interruptions, even with others on the campsite WiFi service. By using the Go WiFi hotspots included in our plan, we were able to download at speeds of 30Mbps! With a peaceful lake, starry sky and an interruption free movie playing, it quickly became apparent that a good chunk of the campsite was moving in to join us in our movie night. As we got further and further into our movie, more and more people began to join us. There were even people watching from floaties on the lake!

outdoor movie night

We didn’t realize the extent of our outdoor movie night until the next day when a little boy from another site rode his bike up to ours and asked Evan if we would be doing another movie that night. At this point we realized we would have to do it again, our kids and others had really enjoyed the experience. We told the little boy that we would do another one on Friday, as a farewell to this year’s camping trip and he happily rode off. Well, Friday afternoon came and went and as we were making dinner the little boy showed up again and asked what time the movie would start. We responded that we would start it around 8 p.m., when it started to get dark and went on with making our dinner, not thinking anything of it. Well, show time came and so did the little boy, and about half of the kids from the camp ground!

On our last night we were streaming Monsters Inc, and it was the perfect fit for our little outdoor screen. Again, we were able to use the Shaw Go WiFi Hotspots, making our streaming interruption free. The colours of the movie just seemed to come alive in the night sky. Kids and adults from the campsite were left in awe, we definitely created a lasting memory for some, a memory we will hopefully be able to recreate again.

outdoor movie night

outdoor movie night

outdoor movie night

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Xo. Andria

{This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Shaw. The opinions and text are all mine.}

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