Picking out Baby Names, What’s in a Name?

Now that we know the gender of baby number three, the fun is about to start.  As we wait for his arrival we can start planning out the nursery, picking out some clothes and go through all our current baby gear to see what needs replacing. Thankfully most of our items are still in great shape from the first two and we amazingly spaced it out so warranties on car seats are still valid. Amen to that, those things are expensive! This leads us to what I think is one of the hardest tasks when it comes to preparing for a baby, coming up with baby names

You might laugh and think I am down right crazy, there are much harder things like ensuring the gear you are about to purchase is the best or even labor itself. Don’t get me wrong those are definitely hard, but for me naming a baby is the hardest. I am not one that is able to scroll through lists or thumb through books and see a name and be like thats it, thats the one. Also as much as I love the idea of naming my child something whimsical and cute, I want it to be a name that will grow with the child. One day these names will be on id cards, bank statements, diplomas and so on. I want my child to have a name that is strong and  will not be questioned when it comes to their profession.  

So I have to ask, what is in a name? What do you look for and search out when you are picking your future childs name? Do you go trendy and pick names celebrities are using or names of popular tv characters? Do you skim the top 100 lists and pick from there? Do you dig deep within your heritage and pick a name from there? Or do you use family names?

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With Hazel her gender was a surprise at birth which meant we went into the delivery room with a list of names. Only thing is there was really only one name we had and that was Hazel. You see when we first started talking about having kids my husband said to me “If we have a girl, I really like your gramma’s name, Hazel.” As it would turn out my gramma ended up passing away, at the age of 94, when I was 4 months pregnant. In one way you could say that sealed the deal for us. We followed suit and picked Hazel’s two middle names out after other female family members. Hazel after my paternal gramma, Evelyn after my maternal great-gramma and May after Evan’s paternal gramma. The names were all classical and just flowed so well and were the only names we went into the delivery room with.

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With our Everett as you know we found out the gender. So right around the 24 week mark when we hosted our reveal we got down to business and started discussing all our favourite boy names. I always had a list of names on my phone that I slowly added to throughout my pregnancy. We loved how well Hazel’s name flowed and wanted to keep Everett’s on a similar basis. We once again turned to family names as one in particular stood out. Evan’s maternal grump’s name was Everett. It was classic and strong and something we both loved. Picking middle names was easy, as we went with both our dads names. John after Evan’s dad and Alastair after mine. Once again these were the only names we had as we went into the delivery room.

So this leads me to my next question. What do we name baby number three? I’ve scanned the lists, the trends, the family names and I’m stumped. The list on my phone had a couple of girls names in it but as soon as we found out baby will be a boy those were erased and I’m staring at a blank list. I’d love to hear your favourites, your suggestions, your what you would name a baby if you were going to have one more. 

Xo. Andria

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  • November 6, 2017 at 12:33 pm


    Not common, but for your crew it’s cute! Al( for allistir) and a V for Evan and Everett, the name means strong wise friend; perfect for the youngest of the crew.


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