Pogo Pig Learns About Goal Setting

As many of you know I recently left the world of luxury hotels and returned to a career in banking. In my position as a Financial Adviser I see all types of financial settings. I see those that have a strong grasp and are planning well for their future and I see those that are just taking it day by day with no plan in sight. So when I was contacted recently about Pogo Pig Learns About Goal Setting I knew I had to check it out. A few days later I received a copy of the book and the moment I opened the book I was completely blown away by the accuracy and simplicity of it. Pogo Pig was written by Bryan Sommer and Lindsay Nahmiache and is aimed for children aged 2- 5.  It teaches young children the simple concepts of effective goal planning with basic real life situations. With lines like “A goal is something you want to do. If you really want it, then you have to work at it. If we write your goal down it is the first step to making your dreams come true.” Pogo Pig takes on a realistic approach to teaching your children how to plan and achieve their goals. The message behind this book is so simple yet so effective I believe that EVERYONE should read this book. There are several adults out there that could learn a thing or two from it.



While I know Hazel might not quite grasp the concept of Pogo Pig just yet, I have a feeling it will be in heavy rotation on our bookshelf. The bright and fun illustrations of the book will certainly catch her eye. I believe Pogo Pig would do wonders in enriching our children’s education and would be an excellent resource in today’s education system. If you wish to purchase a copy of Pogo Pig you can do so on Amazon or visit Gifted Goose Learning for more information on Pogo Pig and plenty of resources on how to teach your children about saving.

Did I mention that there was an app for Pogo Pig? Cause there is! Children these days know how to unlock an Ipad / Iphone screen long before they are able to walk! If your going to let them play a game, why not make it an educational one. You can check out the app here on Itunes.

If you have any questions in regards to Pogo Pig, please feel free to email me hello@thecheeriodiaries.com and I can pass them on.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Xo. Andria




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