{Review} Getting Mushy with Mushybooks

Have you ever had something in your head, and searched and searched for it and never found it? That’s exactly how I feel when it comes to baby books. Since the moment I found out I was pregnant with Hazel I searched for the perfect book to start documenting the first years of her life in. Every store I went to, bookstores, baby stores, department stores, you name it, I searched it, the books were just awful. They were all your typical baby books, full of yellows, blues and pinks and covered in rattles or baby animals. The kind of book you fill out and shove into the back of a drawer, just plain old tacky! I gave up, my search for the perfect baby book came to an end, it was a distant memory until this past year. Just after Hazel turned one I discovered Mushybooks and these books are nothing short of AMAZING!


So let me tell you a bit about Mushybooks. The books are all printed and hand assembled locally in Vancouver by Lesley, the creator of Mushybooks. Lesley is a mom of 3 and when she isn’t busy doing the mom hustle she is working on creating and shipping out more fabulous books. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lesley a few times now at local events and let me tell you, much like her books she is the real deal! She is one hard working mama who has taken her past experience with ugly baby books and is trying to make preserving memories beautiful for the rest of us.


While the price tag of the book my scare you, trust me they are 100% worth it. The time alone put into each and everyone one of these books to ensure they are assembled perfectly and the book sleeve to make sure they stay in mint condition is worth it. Not only that they are leather bound and assembled with a Chicago Screw binding to ensure they lay flat unlike a traditional ring binder. Because of the screw binding you can easily add or replace pages if needed. Yes that means if you make an oops (no ones perfect) you can contact Lesley and order a replacement page. I mean no one likes white out, that’s so 1999. The layouts of the books leave plenty of room for you to add as many notes and memories as you would like, as well as cute little foot prints and lots and lots of pictures. There are 10 different designs for you to choose from and they are all amazing!


I chose the A Star is Born theme for Hazel. If you have had the pleasure of meeting her in person, you know her personality is wild and vibrant, the book suits her to a T. The book also set the tone for her big girl room (which you get a little sneak peek of in this post). For Everett I chose Dreamcatcher, it’s black and white and full of arrows and feather patterns. It’s perfect for my little dream boat. The books are so nice to look at that they display wonderfully in both the kids rooms. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got two books that are in desperate need of some love. One book needs some notes about Terrible Twos and the other needs to have it’s first smile recorded 🙂







Xo. Andria

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