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With nothing really planned for the long weekend, we decided last minute to head to the Cloverdale Rodeo on Sunday. This was going to be our very first trip to the rodeo, and not just as a family but for everyone. Even living in Surrey my entire life, I surprisingly had never been to the Cloverdale Rodeo before. Not quite sure what to expect we headed to the fair grounds just after opening. Evan and I were equally excited to see what was in store for us and Hazel, was just down for an adventure.


Within seconds of being on the fair grounds Hazel proclaimed that she needed to get her face painted. Evan and I aren’t quite sure where she came to this conclusion, as we hadn’t even made it past the first two food trucks, but can only assume that she saw another kid with their face painted. With that being said we made it our mission to get her face painted, and to get it done stat. Within minutes we found the first face painting booth (I think there were 4 or 5 scattered throughout). When asked what she would like for her facepaint she didn’t even skip a beat when she said a pink tiger. For a kid that is usually very busy, I have never seen her sit so still. She was so still the entire time she was getting her face painted, I honestly don’t even think she breathed. 


With our pink tiger in tow we continued on into the fair grounds. As we ventured in further The Surrey RCMP were there handing out stickers and providing fair goers the opportunity to sit in a police car. After a quick pitstop here for a photo, we headed over to the Agri zone to check out the animals. While Hazel is a natural animal lover, I think the highlight for her was watching the chicks hatch in the incubators. They even had a few for sale, if we weren’t living in a townhouse I might have taken one or two home. From there we headed back outside to take in Richards Racers, the racing pigs. Hands down this is one of my favourite attractions at the PNE in the summer, so I was super excited to see it at the Cloverdale Rodeo!  Of course there was no way we were avoiding the pony rides that were strategically placed outside the Agri Zone. 


After our pony ride was all said and done we headed back towards the centre of the fair for some lunch. There was such a wide variety of food trucks and vendors it was hard to decide on what we wanted for lunch. Not to mention that just down the lane was a Rib Fest, featuring some amazing barbecue vendors. We quickly decided on some Triple O’s, keeping it simple and something that everyone would enjoy. Hazel of course had to be different and requested ice cream for lunch. This was one of those days where I decided to let it slide and just go with the flow. You pick your battles right? And the last thing I wanted was a full on toddler meltdown over a cheeseburger she probably would only have two bites of, so ice cream it was!


After we filled out bellies we headed back to the towards the rides. I am not a huge ride person so I didn’t really mind skipping the adult rides and heading straight to the kids section. Its also not as fun when you can’t go on them together. We purchased just a handful of tickets so Hazel could go on a few rides. I am pretty sure next year she will need a full ride pass, as she loved them so much! While purchasing the tickets Hazel and I had a conversation about how she would have to go on some of the rides by herself, to which she replied “because you’re too old?” Not quite, but I’ll take it. She was beyond excited to go on the rides, and was more than confident to go on them by herself so this was a huge win for us. Hello, Playland, we are coming for you!




Incase you are wondering, Everett was with us too. He was super chill, as always and was just happy to take in all the sights and attempt to steal my cheeseburger!


After we did a handful of rides it was time to head home, but not after we made one last stop. I really don’t think there is any way you an go to a fair and not indulge in the mini donuts! Seriously, they are so good! If I had been smart, I would have purchased another bag, as the pink tiger ate all my donuts!


Leaving when we did (mid afternoon) it meant we were missing out on one of the key parts of the rodeo, the actual rodeo. While we would have loved to have checked this out, there was no way we could get the kids to sit still for it. This being said we have already made a game plan for next years rodeo. That’s right, not only are we already excited for next years event, but we know how we are going to tackle it. We again will head down early with the kids and enjoy the fair as a family, leaving mid afternoon again. BUT, we will return shortly after, sans kids, to take in the rodeo and perhaps enjoy some time in the Longhorn Salon! So gramma’s make note, we need a sitter for the Sunday of May long weekend next year 😉


Xo. Andria

4 thoughts on “Rodeo Roundup

  • May 25, 2016 at 9:35 am

    How wonderful that you got to watch chicks hatch. I haven’t taken my daughter to a rodeo, this makes me want to take her.

  • May 25, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    That looks like a lot of fun. My kids love animals and would really enjoy the ponies and the rides!


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