San Fran or Bust Part 1

This is one of those stories that one day my husband and I are going to look back and laugh at ourselves. Some would call us a bit crazy for what we did and others would praise us for what we did. Currently I look back and think a bit of both, either way I am glad we did it. To keep from boring you with an overload of this is what we did and here look at this picture I am going to split this post up in two 🙂

My husband is very lucky with his job and the amount of time off he gets every year. He gets a few more weeks than I do but also accumulates time off through over time and that he works a lot of. When we first had Hazel last June Evan had a lot of vacation to use for the rest of the year, so we were toying with all the places we could go and things we could do. I was amazed at my new-found freedom, a 52 week vacation in one sense, with a whole lot of responsibilities that were being thrown at me fast than any curve ball out there. Back in June we talked about going to San Fransisco the first week of September but never really discussed anything in great detail until 3 days before our supposed departure date. We were planning on doing a night or two in Sonoma and then a couple of nights in San Fran. Friday night we decided we would go and made the necessary arrangements for the animals. As we sat down to plot out our trip the first thing that came up was how far should we drive the first day? Keeping in mind we would be bringing our new little sidekick who was just 9 weeks old. Yes, we were driving to San Fran with a 9 week old baby, like I said some people think we were a bit crazy. After a bit of back and forth we decided to drive straight to Sonoma in one day! Where is Sonoma? About 1.5 hours from San Fran or 14 hours from our house according to Google Maps 😉 Like I said, CRAZY. Now the reason we decided to do it all in one go was so we could take our time coming home and spend 2.5 days coming back up the coast hwy. So Monday morning we got up, loaded up the car, fed the baby, changed the baby and hit the road. We crossed the border just before 8am, where as you can imagine the crossing guard thought we were a little out of our mind when we told him our destination. Our car is a diesel so we knew we would not have to stop for gas frequently, our only plan was stop whenever the baby needed us to stop. For the majority of our trip our little side kick cooperated beautifully. About every three hours we stopped for a little road side feed and a back seat change. Thank goodness for breastfeeding, I can’t even imagine trying to heat a bottle,  sanitize etc while on a trip like this. That being said around 9pm she started to lose her sh*t, not going to lie we were also starting to get a bit grouchy from being in the car all day. At this point we were just outside of Redding, California so we decided to pull off the hwy for a bit so we could stretch our legs, cuddle our backseat monkey for a bit and have a bite to eat. We spent about an hour in Redding before hitting the hwy again, we made it about 20 minutes down the hwy and realized there was no way our child was going to calm down. At this point it was too late to cancel our current reservation and we just wanted to get to the hotel so we pulled over and I hopped in the back seat to keep her company. Shortly after resuming our journey she fell asleep and I was left navigating from the back seat. We finally made it to our destination at 12:30am and boy were we tired, I don’t think either of us has ever been so excited to see a bed in our life.

The next day we spent some time wandering around Sonoma and then spent the afternoon hanging out at the pool at our hotel. The best thing about traveling with a baby at 9 weeks is they sleep all the time, so we were able to enjoy a nice dinner out at a local Italian restaurant. Now that you’ve managed to get through all of that here are a couple of pictures from Sonoma and tomorrow I will share how we took on San Fransisco with a 9 week old.

IMG_4165 IMG_4168

IMG_4179 IMG_4174

IMG_4200 IMG_4199

IMG_4217IMG_4210 (3)

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