Sleeping like a Queen with Casper

Recently one of us received a special delivery at our door, the gift of sleeping like a Queen. Now if you follow along on my Instagram stories you are well aware of who received this gift from our friends at Casper. Now I wish I could say that it is I that is currently sleeping like a queen but sadly it is not. And I am sure Hazel would love to say it’s her as well, in fact I think everyone is a little jealous, even Murray.


The lucky girl in the house, is of course none other than Izzy and what better of a gift for her upcoming 5TH(!!!) birthday this month. Highly appropriate I would say as she probably spends the most time sleeping (and snoring) out of all of us. So if she’s going to spend most of her day snoozing, she might as well be comfy right? 

She received one of Casper’s highly coveted dog beds last week, and let me tell you it is deluxe! Designed by the same engineers behind Caspers “human” mattresses, they put the same love and attention into it for our four legged friends. With pressure relieving memory and support foam it creates the perfect and coziest resting place. There is no fear of it losing shape or sagging over time, no matter how heavy our rough the owner might be. It arrived at our door in pieces and was assembled and ready for snoozing in mere minutes. Not only that the cover is completely removable and machine washable. Hallelujah! I’ve already washed ours once and rest assured it washes like a dream.

Since we’ve had our Casper dog bed, two things are certain, the snoring has not decreased and we have a whole lot more space on the couch these days! Now if only Izzy could pass on some of her sleeping wisdom to a certain two year old I know and we might just all be sleeping like Queens. 😉




Xo. Andria

{Disclosure, we received this dog bed as a gift from our friends at Casper and all opinions stated are my own.}


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