So This is Three

So this is three. and exhale.

I wrote a similar titled post two years ago, so this is two. Looking back on that post now I find myself in a slightly similar situation. Except I laugh at myself for thinking two was a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong it was an adjustment thats for sure, but two has nothing on three.

Three is hard. Three is hard work and hard love. There are moments when I think I to myself what the heck were we thinking. And how am I going to get three dressed, fed, and out the door on time? There are moments when I look at them all and think omg they are all mine and all so perfect. They cuddle up against me quietly and I feel the love oozing out of my pores. Then there are moments when they are climbing all over me and poking me as I try and feed the baby and I think space! Mom needs space! Together my emotions and the kids flip and flop all day long.

so this is three

There have been tears. Lots and lots of tears this time. Probably the most tears out of all my baby days. Tears of feeling overwhelmed, tears of feeling unsure, tears of being confused and of course tears of joy.

We are just in week three of three, and our second week of Ev back to work and so far we are just taking it day by day. Our mornings are usually jam packed and then the afternoons a bit more relaxed. We are headed out to all our usual activities and have yet to be really late, winning. We’ve accomplished some errands during preschool mornings but yet to tackle anything with three on my own. I miss those days of one baby where I could just snuggle in bed all morning and slowly get about my day. Unfortunately life doesn’t slow down at this stage.

so this is three

Three things that have changed with three.

1. I feel like in the last few weeks laundry has tripled, even though we’ve just added one to our family. I went from doing four loads of laundry on Sundays to doing a load or two every day. It’s never ending and seems slightly insane.  Where did all this extra laundry come from? And who is putting it all away?

 2. Two and a half weeks in and we have ordered take out just twice. I feel like thats a win, but maybe a crazy win. We have been cooking dinner every night since we came home from the hospital, the day I gave birth. I won’t lie it’s tiring, I just want to cook the kids KD every night and call it a day but that just seems so wrong. It makes me so appreciate of things like Hello Fresh meal delivery, friends who have showed up with baking or gift cards for those take out nights and the frozen dinners my sister in law brought. 

3. Expectations have been lowered. While I have been keeping on top of laundry and meals, things like house hold cleaning have slide over the last few weeks. Anyone want to come clean some bathrooms? 😉 But one thing is certain, my dishwasher is getting the workout of a lifetime. I have never been huge on using the dishwasher, don’t ask me why. But since day one of three it has been run at least once a day, everyday and there’s no going back!

so this is three

Give it a few more weeks or even months and I will probably look back on this post and laugh. The real crazy fun won’t start for a while and it’s probably just this sleepy newborn postpartum phase that makes it all seem crazy. But for now three is hard. Hard work and hard love.

Xo. Andria




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  • May 29, 2018 at 7:37 am

    I think having 3 kids is a good number.


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