Destination Deck – Where I’ll be all Summer

Destination Deck - Where I'll be all Summer

With last Fridays tease of amazing spring weather it had me itching to get our patio set up. In our new house we have a very usable sized patio that backs onto a treelined creek. Since we moved in it has had me thinking one thing and one thing only, destination deck and it’s where I will be all summer!

Since our last patio was rather small, we couldn’t fit a dining set out on it, so patio dinners were never a thing. Having a dining set out side was my original plan but once we moved in that quickly changed. Our dining area is right in front of the patio doors and since that whole wall is glass it gives off the affect of dining outside, especially with the doors open. This quickly erased my want of having two dining spaces + an island all in a row. Seems a bit much right? Plans were changed and the idea of having a second living area was formed. I wanted something cozy where I could enjoy a coffee in the morning sun or sip a glass of wine under a blanket once the kids were in bed. So as we slowly transform our outdoor space into a second living area there are three things I will be doing to create my destination deck. 

destination deck, where i'll be all summer

Bring the indoors out. In order to create that living room feel, I will be decorating just as I would inside. A nice big outdoor rug, which is perfect for those days when the deck gets too hot, lots of toss pillows and of course throw blankets for those chilly nights. I’ve already incorporated some succulents to our patio and soon will be adding some lanterns to the mix.

 Patio lights! Our deck space is covered (thankfully) and has lights in the roof but when they are on, they are bright. In order to create a cozy and magical feel we will be stringing patio lights across the roof. By hanging them zig zagged across the roof and spaced evenly they will give it that perfect touch and won’t be too bright. Think less is more in this case.

Versatile pieces. While I love the idea of having a dining table or coffee table outside, I also want a fire pit. The addition of a fire pit is great for creating a cozy environment and keeping you warm. With our space being fully covered we could potentially use it year round if we have a heat source, which is great for entertaining. But without a table that means no place to put drinks or snacks down so a fire pit table is a must! Finding one that has a larger ledge is key, creating a versatile piece.  When the time allows we will be swapping out our current table for a fire pit table. 

In order to get you started on your own destination deck I’ve put together my my ideal summer deck,  from Wayfair. Hello one stop shop and it’s delivered to your door! Nothing is better than that. Now happy patio season everyone! 


destination deck - where I'll be all summer

Shop the picture:

Sectional / Rug / Ottomans / Fire Pit / Lights / Lanterns /  Throw / Pillows / Planter / Basket / Garden Stool 


destination deck where I'll be all summer 

Xo. Andria

{Disclosure this post was sponsored by Wayfair as part of an Ambassador program, however all opinions are my own.}

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