The Battle of the Spoons



This morning as I went to feed Hazel her breakfast she refused to eat it. One might think that what ever I was trying to feed her was turning her off, but I was attempting to feed her pureed apples and strawberries with oatmeal, one of her absolute favorites.  Now she was not even letting me get anywhere near her with the spoon, flapping her arms like she was about to fly away. There was no way she wasn’t hungry, this kid loves to eat. I thought to myself perhaps it’s the spoon?  She has slowly been taking bites from our utensils over the last little bit (yesterday she ate half of my lunch 🙁 ). So I went and grabbed one of her “big kid” spoons, one that was metal instead of plastic and BAM breakfast was on. Well I guess the day has come to start introducing some real utensils to her, the next thing we know she will be using a fork and feeding herself with her utensils. I don’t think I am really ready for this yet, they grow up way to fast. If anyone discovers a way to slow down time, please share.

Xo. Andria



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