The Big Reveal {BC Home and Garden Show Upcycle Challenge}

A few weeks ago I shared with you that we were taking part in the BC Home and Garden Show’s Upcycle Challenge. If you missed it you can read about it here. The Upcycle Challenge is sponsored by Rustoleum and 100% of the proceeds raised by it go to the Greater Vancouver Habitat for Humanity. So not only would something we put together be viewed by hundreds as they roam the show this weekend but all the hard work we put into it would be going to a good cause. 

To recap the challenge a bit, each participant received the following:

$50 gift card to ReStore (the Habitat for Humanity store)

$50 visa gift card

a black box filled with miscellaneous paint products to paint our project.

The criteria was to take an item of our choice from the ReStore and Upcycle it into a herb and veggie garden. We must paint at least 50% of the surface and it was to be no bigger than 4′ x 4′.  

the big reveal bc home and garden show upcycle challenge

We picked up an old waterbed frame from ReStore for the frugal price of $40!! I am sure in its heyday this bed was a showstopper but for now it offered us the most usable material and was well within our budget. I knew right away that I wanted to use the drawers and highlight the beautiful hardware on them, I just didn’t know how. I also thought as alluded in the above picture that the pastel shades were my favourites for the project, but in the end we ended up going with the one can I left out of the photos. Perhaps it was destiny that my original black listed colour was in the end our favourite. 

the big reveal bc home and garden show upcycle challenge

Now before we remove the curtain here’s what we did. We took the drawer casing, the sides of the bed frame and cut them down to two drawers instead of three. This kept us within our 4 foot requirements while still giving us lots to play with. My husband attached the finished side from the cut part to our remaining two drawers to keep the look of the project seamless. We then removed the actual drawers from the casing, pulling the fronts off and reattaching them straight to the casing, giving it a faux drawer look. We then finished off the bottom of each side with a sheet of plywood, adding in some 2×4 pieces for extra support. Next we stacked the two pieces one on top of the other, offsetting them by about half a foot. To raise it off the ground we cut down parts of the banisters, attaching them as legs on the front and back of the project. We added a fifth leg in the middle to act as extra support. Next up was a good sand of the whole project and then a couple of coats of primers. We then painted the legs and the hardware using Rust-oleums Forged Hammer Paint & Primer in one in Burnished Amber. And finally it was time to paint the body. We pushed the smokey beige and satin rose aside and sprayed away with Rust-Oleums Ultra Cover Paint & Primer in …….Golden Sunset!!


I can hardly wait to see it filled with plants at the BC Home and Garden Show this weekend! I know it would be the perfect size and  addition to our patio garden this summer.

Xo. Andria

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