The Day I Did the Unthinkable

About two weeks ago I did the unthinkable, I cancelled our cable. Now this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision but something I had been contemplating for awhile. When I say awhile, I mean every time that dreaded cable bill arrived in the mail. Then all of a sudden the stars aligned, our cable contract was up (we could cancel without penalties) and more importantly one of our favourite shows, Justin Time, was coming to Netflix. Needless to say we were sold on making the switch to full-time Netflix.

0697be7f-3e61-4bfc-a076-35b38e0049e7Justin Time is a Canadian animated series, that follows  Justin and his side kick Squidgy. Each episode brings forth an everyday problem that Justin and Squidgy must solve. In order for them to understand the task at hand, they travel on imaginary adventures, through time and various areas of the world. Here they meet up with their friend Olive and again are faced with a problem they must solve. Together the trio solves each task at hand and Justin and Squidgy are then able to bring the new skills they have learned home, and apply them to the problem there. 

Since we currently spend ALOT of time cuddled up on the couch while I am nursing Everett, I like knowing that the shows we are watching are educational.

I love the fact that the show is Canadian and that it makes references to Canadian Places, such as the Haida Gwaii Islands. The concept behind the show is really cute, and it teaches great life skills, like waiting for your parents, or asking for help when needed. They may seem like small concepts but to a two year old they can be a big deal to grasp. We also know that Hazel is picking up lots from this show, as she will make reference to it at later times. 

So if you’re looking for us on Friday nights, Saturday mornings. Monday afternoons, there’s a good chance you might find us cuddled up on the couch streaming. We are new(ish) to the Netflix world and I feel like we have a whole new world to discover! 


Xo. Andria

{Disclosure, we have joined the Netflix stream team and will be sharing our favourite  shows and new shows to stream over the course of the next year. We hope you follow along our streaming adventure}


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