The Melt Down

Today was probably one of the hardest parenting days I have faced yet. Today Hazel decided to test me like no other, we had probably the biggest toddler melt down we have encountered yet today. After a very long nap this afternoon we went for an ice cream date, as it was the only way I felt we could make this morning right.


We finally had Hazel 18 month check up booked for today, with two working parents, you get in when you get in. Aside from juggling work we haven’t really had any questions or major concerns with her health so it wasn’t a pressing issue if we were a month or two behind schedule. Besides with her Hand, Foot and Mouth episode and two ear infections, we had been to the doctors plenty of times over the last 3 months!

Well we arrived to our appointment with plenty of time to spare, we were about 10 minutes early, however we were greeted with an overly full waiting room. What is the lesson learned here? Only book the first appointment of the day going forward, especially if you booked a month in advance and got to choose your time! We ended up waiting an HOUR past our appointment time to see the doctor. I personally hate waiting but as a grown adult I can take it. Try explain to a 20 month old that they have to wait an hour, just to get poke and prodded at? Hazel was certainly not interested in the turtle movie they put on the tv for her, so we ended up draining my phone battery watching repeat episodes of Toopy and Bino. Well no matter how much she loves those guys, around the 45 minute mark she started to lose it. When it was finally our turn the receptionist asked if I could get Hazel to stand on the scale so she could weigh her, I actually laughed and said at this point we aren’t going to be getting much out of her. She just gave me a scowl and said we need her weight. I attempted to put her on the scale but nope she wasn’t having it. I told her she was just going to have to use the weight she was LAST week and deal with it. I mean seriously how different can it possible be in a week? The receptionist then told me to get her undressed, again I laughed and said well I should probably just leave and rebook because thats not going to happen. Again she scowled at me. I proceeded to try and undress Hazel, well que the biggest toddler melt down I have ever seen. At this point the doctor entered the room and he too could see we weren’t going to get much out of her. We put her on the table and he tried to get measurements, and listen to her heart and what not, all while she kicked and screamed. After attempting to get as much as we could from her I tried to get her dressed, this resulted in her throwing herself on the ground and screaming some more, all while the doctor was trying to ask me questions about her development. Thank goodness, he has a pretty good sense of humour, as he just laughed off her temper tantrum as I tried to shout out answers over her shrieks. After he left the room I tried for a few more minutes to dress her, after realizing this was a battling I was not going to win I picked her up, with just her jeans on and carried her out of the office. As I passed through the waiting room I was greeted by 20+ pairs of eyes all staring at my naked, screaming and thrashing toddler as I made my way to the door. Once outside of course she refused to get into her car seat, so I proceed to rock and sooth her before managing to get her in. Of course she ended up passing out the moment I hit the gas. All I can say is thank goodness it was a nice day outside, and it was fairly warm, so I didn’t feel to guilty about having a naked child 🙁

While I don’t completely blame her for her little toddler melt down today, she was tired and hungry and an hour is really a long time to wait at that age. It was definitely one of the hardest days for me. I felt help less, as she screamed and wouldn’t let me try and console her. Please tell me Im not alone and that you’ve carried a naked toddler out of the doctors or dealt with a public melt down? How do you deal with toddler problems? As bad as it sounds if I could have just left her lying on the doctors floor screaming and walked away like we do at home, I totally would have. I definitely don’t want to condone this type of behaviour so tell me how do you deal these situations?

Xo. Andria


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