The Mermaid…She Rides


As I shared (here) with you a few weeks ago, we had enrolled Hazel in the Pedal Head Program to teach her how to ride her bike. We had been counting down to this week since the early spring when we saw the Pedal Head tent at the Healthy Family Expo. We had tried previously to teach Hazel how to ride her bike but it just was’t happening. We had heard great things about the camps from friends and family and then after seeing how how great they were with the kids at the expo it sealed the deal. 

Monday morning we arrived early for our first lesson, super early to be exact. I wanted to make sure we had enough time to adjust the seat if needed, have her helmet checked and just some spare time in case a toddler meltdown ensued, you never really know when those are going to happen. Regardless I think our early arrival helped, as Hazel was able to help set up which broke the ice and it made for a smooth departure on my end. And yes I was able to leave, something I wasn’t aware of until that day. On Monday I hung around and watched from a distance but for the rest of the week I was able to run to the nearby coffee shop to grab a coffee. From there I spent the rest of my free time in the car with a sleeping baby.

When our lessons begun on Monday we struggled to walk our bike to the tent on our own. I said to myself don’t worry by the end of this hour she will be riding circles around you as you leave. I had big expectations for Pedalheads camp, I had heard of kids removing training wheels with in two days of lessons and felt like success was in grasp. At the end of Mondays class we struggled to walk our bike to the car. We could not yet pedal. We gave it our all during our lesson, trying relentlessly to grasp the concept of moving our feet in rhythm, all while looking ahead and using our power to push forward, but we still couldn’t pedal. With the recent not passing of our swimming lessons still fresh in my head I was a bit worried that this too was not going to be a success, but I just pushed aside those thoughts and thought perhaps a little extra practise after dinner would help. I think Hazel felt the same way as she was eager to get back out on her bike after dinner, and try to pedal. Within minutes of being outside with her dad she was able to do it all on her own, something we had tried to do with her before. 

The next morning she was so eager to get to lessons, she could hardly wait to show her instructor, Danielle, how she could pedal. Right at the car we hopped on our bike and pedalled up to the tent. To say Danielle was surprised might be a little bit of an understatement, I think shocked would be more appropriate. Hazel went from not being able to do anything on her bike to riding with confidence within a day. While she certainly was no pro, she had enough skills to get around a basic obstacle course and crazily enough was actually passing the other kids in her group! 

As the week went on they continued to work on their pedalling skills, fine tuning things like learning to stop, learning basic rules like red light means stop, and green means go. They learnt all the different parts of the bike, pedals, handles, seats, etc. Played games to encourage starting, stopping, getting on and off the bike. It was the perfect program to introduce Hazel to her bike and truly made the experience a lot of fun. She asks every week if she can go back to bike camp and if she will see Danielle again. We will most certainly be enrolling again next year in the Level 1 Newbie camp and hopefully then our training wheels will come off!






Xo. Andria

{Disclosure, we received special perks for sharing our experience with you but as usual would share it with you regardless!}

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