The Ultimate Shower Gift

This past weekend we gathered to shower my sister and her hubby as they are getting ready to welcome their first baby this coming May. This Auntie is a bit mean and hoping it holds out until we get back from our trip. I know right, I’m being a bit selfish hoping my sister goes overdue, haha.

Knowing that most of the big ticket items that they wanted and needed had been snatch up by the eager grandparents, I opted to put together a basket of our favourite things. I wouldn’t say any of the items in the basket were necessities, well except the diapers 😉 But I would say they were items that we’ve used on a daily basis with Hazel over the past two years and have made our lives 10 times easier.



My first purchase for her gift were the little Minimoc’s, I actually ordered two pairs of the same mocs, one for her, one for me 🙂 These little mocs are seriously the best thing around, while Hazel can most certainly take them off now, she couldn’t take them off when she was little and they wouldn’t fall off! There is nothing worse than losing a shoe, am I right? Bonus of these mocs, they are handmade here in Abbotsford!


The next thing I purchased was the Honest products. I ordered her the shampoo and body wash, the body lotion, diaper rash cream and the nipple cream. We have been using the Honest products since Hazel was about 5 months old and absolutely love them.


Hazel has about a gazillion Jellycat stuffed animals, so it was only fitting that we get one for Baby Larsen. They are probably the softest stuffies out there and come in so many different animals and sizes, it’s hard to choose!

I built up the bottom of the basket with a pack of newborn pampers and added a handful to the top to finish it off. These things are the cutest little things around, I seriously forgot how small they were, and the smell, oh my, just reminds me of fresh little toes I could nibble all day!

I threw in a togo pack of Huggies wipes, these things are an essential from birth to probably age 5. Heck you can even use them to take off your makeup! But the new togo packages, the resealable zip bag with a handle is way better than the old plastic container.

New PJs are a must for new moms, so I added a pair for my sister. Lets face it the first little bit you don’t get out to much and while your lounging around at home you want to be comfy. Joe Fresh has some great pjs and they are inexpensive. I purchased a pair of mix and match and picked a tank top that had a button down front, making to easy for middle of the night nursing sessions.

While I was cruising around Superstore I checked out the baby section of Joe Fresh and grabbed a cute little gender neutral two piece outfit for the bebe. I also added a little package of hangers for the itsy bitsy clothes.


Last but not least I ordered another of our favourites, a swaddle blanket from Vonbon. Again made here in Vancouver, these blankets are made from organic cotton and are super soft. They are large enough to be used for a variety of things such as, nursing cover, carseat cover and of course swaddle.

This year is the year of babies for me, I have so many friends that are due through out the year, I can’t wait to put together some more of my favourites!

Xo. Andria


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