These Hidden Gems {Review}


With two young kids in tow these days I feel like every time I head out the door I am packing for a vacation! Diapers for two, wipes, a change of clothes for E, receiving blanket, colouring pack and snacks, oh the snacks! As it would go, the more you bring the bigger the bag you need, at the rate we are going I almost need a suitcase with wheels to get out the door! No one wants to cart around a suitcase when trying to juggle two kids, especially the toddler! So when I saw these nursing covers / car seat covers from The Hidden Gems, I was instantly in love. A product that can do double duty, means less to carry, which in my books is a win win!

The covers are all a one size fits all. With a decent sized opening they easily slip over ones head or over the car seat. There is plenty of room to move about underneath as you nurse baby and the opening is big enough that you can peek in. For added bonus Rachel makes them in a variety of fun colours and prints, which is great if your looking for something that matches  your wardrobe.

As we start to enter the cooler and dare I say it rainy season here in Vancouver, this cover is going to be a life saver as we are out and about. Rachel has given The Cheerio Diary readers a discount code to receive 15% off their orders this weekend. Use Code CHEERIO15 to receive 15% off your order this weekend! Discount code ends Sunday night at midnight.



Xo. Andria

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