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As many of you know I quit my job a few weeks ago in order to pursue another avenue. I had been with my current employer for just over 4 years and enjoyed what I did. I had gone to school for my job, it was Monday – Friday, 9-5, it was downtown and offered many perks. To most people this job would be a ideal and it was for me, until I had Hazel.  With having Hazel in daycare full time and Evans hours being all over the place I needed something closer to home. I would have loved to find something in the same industry, hospitality, but once you get out of the Downtown core, the options are far and few in between. Going from a 5 star swanky downtown hotel to a 2.5 star out in the burbs was just not going to cut it. Not only would the clientele be very different, I couldn’t see the volume being the same either. I am used to high volume and high end clients, think $85 thousand dollar weddings and rock stars with demands longer than your resume, I needed to find something that was going to challenge me and keep me challenged.

Over the summer I had a chance run in with a manager of local bank, I knew her through my previous employment, but had never met her in person. She didn’t know me, never probably even heard of me but was very kind to reach out to me. She helped get to the right channels and apply for a position within the bank. I was absolutely amazed that just after 5 minutes of speaking, and not one glance at a resume, could she recommend me for a job. In today’s world were how good you look on paper and how many letters you have behind your name is very important, it’s great to see that there are still people out there that believe in personality. I think we tend to forget that it’s not always about how much you know, or who you know but how you present yourself and work towards your goals.

So here I am one week into my new role and boy do I have my work cut out for me.  I have been thrown into a branch that is a bit short staffed at the moment, meaning I need to get myself up to speed asap. I am in a very intense training program, it offers you 6 months to complete but I am very hands on so the faster I get to physically sell and open the products the better.  I also during the six months need to pass my mutual funds in order to be a fully licensed adviser. This means countless hours of studying on top of my already rigorous training program and jam packed life.

I am very excited as I embark on this new chapter. It means I will have more time with my family and there are many more options for me to advance. I never thought in a million years I would be back in the world of banking, when I left 5 years ago I said that was it. I guess you can never say never.  So if  a day or two or a week goes by with out me posting and your wondering where I am? There’s a good chance I’m elbows deep in my training, with a few scattered coffee cups.

Xo. Andria

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