Throwin’ it back to Maui

Lately the big first birthday has been on my mind a lot, I can’t believe in a little over 2 months I will have a one year old, this year has gone by too fast. Since this day is fast approaching we have been throwing around some first birthday party ideas and I think we have nailed down our theme. Since today is Throwback Thursday we are going to throw it back to our Maui vacation and as you guessed it the theme we are thinking of using for our big party. Here are a few of my favorite Iphone pictures from our vacation, I will warn you know 90% of them are Hazel just chilling in some form 🙂

 photo 92343E22-E45B-4E01-A155-0539AAAA7404_zpsqhnsgkqn.jpg

 photo 34506298-5260-477B-AA3E-C620968BA86C_zpsfbc3pfxv.jpg
 photo 54968797-8DF4-44CB-9471-15CBEAADE7D4_zps6nyafee2.jpg
 photo 89F2096E-FA07-406B-A08C-EAC45CCA52A5_zpsyhxoddea.jpg photo 8EFFD177-1508-479C-BDA1-9CA834C1A160_zpsfv9kblfg.jpg

 photo CB938040-F309-4AD6-B45C-ED710245A1F1_zpstaeukenx.jpg
 photo B5B533E3-94C3-41A5-9806-684550F75F1B_zpsjauih5ke.jpg
 photo 3C0BDA52-BCF6-4CB6-B546-BF43CF75C63E_zpstocdczhu.jpg
 photo 73BB40AE-6C39-4FA8-B42B-523BE9F238A9_zpsltexa3su.jpg photo C4416C5B-5738-41CF-9864-7DCAE0225559_zpsgzrnqgum.jpg photo BD3FE114-9960-4F02-971B-2BA09401DD80_zpsu6ddnmx5.jpg
 photo A33350E4-546D-4B7D-B98C-5FC564B5C1A9_zpse2pwpjvx.jpg
 photo 10828E4A-AA39-47E2-95C5-2D3A146B4686_zpskkp6omn1.jpg

There were a lot of firsts on this vacation for her, first time in the sand, first time in a pool, first time in the ocean, first time on a plane, eating pineapple, we had a lot of fun!

Xo. Andria

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