Timberline Country Christmas {Review}


This past weekend we saddled up and headed to Timberline Ranch to experience a country Christmas. I had never been to Timberline Ranch before so I didn’t know what to expect and it’s been years (I dare you to guess how many) since Evan had been to Timberline. Unlike most Christmas events you have to reserve your time slot in advance, so we made sure to leave extra early as we loaded the kids into the car and headed out to Maple Ridge. The nice thing about the reserved time slots is that the event is not over crowded. There is room for you to move about easily and most importantly no worry about losing the kids in a crowd of people.

Upon arriving the entrance and drive to the parking was beautifully decorated. Hazel was beyond excited to see the decorations, she loves everything Christmas and is always pointing out all the lights to us as we drive about. Once we found parking we bundled Everett up into the wrap and headed into the main entrance. I highly recommend wearing any children that aren’t of walking age as you won’t be able to bring a stroller with you to all areas of the event. We arrived a few minuted early so we were able to vote on our favourite decorated tree before setting off on our country adventure.

Now I don’t want to ruin the experience for you, by giving you a play by play as that’s part of the magic of the event. But we spent our afternoon decorating cookies, making ornaments, navigating a hay maze, petting various farm animals and riding a pony. I think Hazels favourite part of the afternoon was the ride out to the barn and all the barn activities. She was beyond excited to ride the pony, she had the biggest grin on her face and was waving at us as she went by.

We had an amazing afternoon at Timberline Ranch and highly recommend it if you are still looking for a fun filled family activity before Christmas. Run though as this event is only on until the 20th of December and times fill up quickly so book your time as soon as possible. You can find the hours and registration information here. It’s safe to say we’ve added this to our list of Christmas activities and will be back again next year!









Xo. Andria

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