To the Lady in the Flower Shop

To the lady in the flower shop, I have to ask. Do you remember what it was like to go out with kids? We all know that going out with kids is no easy task. Even the smallest errand can turn into a great adventure. Not only do you need to pack what feels like the entire house but you will be asked a million questions just on a trip to grab a jug of milk. Am I right or am I right? 

I don’t know about you but because of this at times I find myself over thinking the tasks I have to run and avoiding some at all costs if I have the kids with me. The grocery store is one thing, especially those with double carts where I can strap them in and have no fear of them running loose, but little boutiques give me the worst anxiety. The moment I enter the store I break out into a sweat and have this undying fear that they are going to BREAK ALL THE THINGS. Not only would it be embarrassing having them break something but the last thing I want to do is spend my money paying for something I can’t even enjoy.

to the lady in the flower shop

It’s not that my kids are unbehaved little monsters, for 1 and 3 they are actually really well-behaved, but they are still kids. Kids are curious little beings that just want to know and touch EVERYTHING. No matter how many times I say;

Please do not touch that

Keep your hands in your pocket

Hands to yourself please

Just look with our eyes, not our hands

No touching please

And in my head I am almost always silently screaming DON’T F*!?ING TOUCH ANYTHING.

 In the end it doesn’t matter what I say or do kids are going to touch things, all the things. Which brings me to todays errand. It’s my grandmas 80th birthday tomorrow and we are celebrating dinner out tonight so I wanted to get her some flowers. This is an errand I could have easily run while my daughter was in preschool and I only had one set of sticky fingers to control but I knew it would kill her if I went with out her. She finds beauty in almost everything and absolutely loves flowers.

to the lady in the flower shop

So after picking her up from preschool we stopped by your flower shop on our way home. I had yet to check out your flower shop but my husband has twice now (my birthday and valentines day) brought home gorgeous bouquets from it so that’s where we headed.  We walked into the store and after a quick hello we went straight for the bouquets to make our selection. With so many temptations, this errand was going to be a quick in and out. I am sure you heard but in between asking my daughter which flowers she liked best I was constantly repeating the same thing over and over again;

“Hazel, Everett, over here please.” “Please do not touch that.” “No touching the flowers please.” 

And then suddenly my son made a dart for the shelf lined with vases, but in true quarterback style I tackled him, gathering him into my arms and went back to looking at the bouquets. Within this 30 seconds while wiping the sweat from my forehead I forgot to remind my daughter to not to touch the flowers for the millionth time, to which you felt the need to remind me of from behind the counter.

“Please remind the kids not to touch the flowers.”

I’m sorry that you felt the need to step in. I’m not sure if you hadn’t heard me tell my daughter to not touch the flowers, about 5 times previously but I was doing my best to keep the two of them from touching anything.  I thought I was doing a good job, we had only been in the store for a couple of minutes and my 3 year old was simply trying to smell the flowers, it’s not like she was playing loves me, loves me not with your roses.

I could understand the need to step in and say something if my children were running around and I was not paying attention to them. But the fact that I had been repeating the same thing over and over again,  and not quietly either shows that I was trying my best to teach my kids how to behave. Truth be told I really don’t need anyone reminding me how to parent, no matter how wild my children are being. 

So to the lady at the flower shop, take a chill pill. They are kids, curious little kids, that see far more beauty in the world than you and I do. So instead of trying to micromanage my parenting, perhaps you should have stopped to smell the flowers with my daughter and appreciated the fact that she was trying to name all the different flowers. I think you really would have appreciated her curiosity if you had given her a chance. 

to the lady in the flower shop

Xo. Andria

6 thoughts on “To the Lady in the Flower Shop

  • March 7, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    How rude … and downright terrible, of her. I hope there’s a different local florist that you and your hubby can/will go to from now on!

    Brush it off, you seem like a great mom with two fantastic wee ones. ?

    • March 8, 2017 at 8:51 am

      Thanks Crissy! I will for sure be seeing what other options we have locally, I am sure there are other great flower shops 🙂

  • March 7, 2017 at 9:13 pm

    I couldn’t agree more with your post. People nowadays aren’t as empathetic and compasssionate. Like do people know how hard it is to keep two young kiddos from touching all those pretty shiny things. Its like putting an ice cream cone in front of them and telling them not to eat it. And its sad to say we mommas come across rhese types of situations far more than we should.

    • March 8, 2017 at 8:52 am

      Right? At this age they are just so curious and all they want to do is learn. If only others understood we need to spend less time scolding them and more time teaching them. It would make the world of a difference.

  • March 7, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    I definitely think my hormones are out of control and perhaps it’s because I have a 3 year old girl too, but this breaks my heart. Not only did that store owner perhaps lose a customer, she got to miss out on the magic of a little girl sharing what she finds beautiful. So often I find that people are so fixated on fixing that they miss the the good in people (even our active littles). One would hope that instead of reminding a parent how to parent, we can step in and help a parent out.

    Good for you for taking the opportunity to let your babe smell the flowers.

    • March 8, 2017 at 8:54 am

      Thanks Amy! Someone else mentioned how a flower shop gives her son a flower to distract him and oh my goodness if the lady had done this it would have blown my daughters mind. She would have been over the moon, and it could have been babies breath for all that matters. But a little interaction would have changed the situation completely and the situation wasn’t even bad.


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