Toddler Airplane Survival Kit

One thing we noticed  on our recent trip to Disneyland was flying with a 22 month old is a bit different than flying with a 6 month old! I know, you are probably laughing at that. Well duh, right?

When we took Hazel to Maui at 6 months it was a piece of cake. She slept, cuddled, nursed and didn’t move! Amaaaaazing. Enter in our flight to Disneyland, we brought her on as a lap infant, taking advantage of our last free flight with her. Well take off for both flights was like trying to wrestle jello. She just didn’t want to sit still and kept wiggling and squirming all over the place. Landing was a piece of cake both times as she had fallen asleep, amen!

As for in flight entertainment we brought a little backpack that she could wear and filled it with some of her favourite snacks and things to do. I will not lie the iPad made an appearance and have no shame saying so. We have a fun Crayola colour app we used on it and Hazel loves the Elmo’s calling app. Books and our favourite blankie are always a must and so are the grab and go colouring kits. You can pick these up at your local dollar store for $1. They are great to have handy, we bring one with us whenever we dine out! Some snacks such as goldfish and fruit snacks were always kept handy and so was our Minnie Mouse doll.

Airplane travel

1. Little Golden Books – found at Superstore 2. Goldfish crackers – found at grocery stores 3. Skiphop Zoo safety harness and backpack 4. Vonbon Blanket 5. Plush Minnie – Found at Disneystores 6. Grab and Go Play Packs- Found at Dollar stores 6. Apple iPad – Found at the Apple Store

Have you flown with young kids before? What are some of your suggestions on how to entertain them for the duration of a flight?

Xo. Andria

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