Trying to beat the heat?


We sure lucked out with the beautiful weather yesterday for Canada Day and it doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon! When its hot out it’s always nice to turn to the freezer and enjoy a nice treat to cool off. The downside to a lot of store-bought frozen treats is the amount of sugar they contain and the last thing any parent wants is their kids bouncing off the walls on a sugar high.  That being said I have been busy pinning away a few homemade Popsicle recipes and boy do they sound delicious! A few of the recipes I have found call for sugar and or fruit juice, the great thing about making them yourself is you can substitute as you go and make the recipe your own. A great substitute for fruit juice is coconut water. Can you imagine a pineapple Popsicle with a hint of coconut? Yumm, it’s like a pina colada with out all the extra calories! If you need to find me tomorrow I will be out purchasing some popsicle trays and a bunch of fruit to make some tasty treats. Go check out our pinterest board Tasty Treats for recipies, of course I threw in a couple not so good for you ones too ;).


Xo. Andria

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