Two Months of Ryerson

I can’t believe I am already sitting down to write a little update on our newest edition. And not just an update but a two month update!! It seems crazy that we are already at the two month mark. While Ryerson’s entrance to the world (read it here) was absolutely wild, his temperament is the exact opposite. 

We have yet (and are thankfully very blessed) to not have a fussy or cranky baby and Ryerson is definitely living up to that standard. So far he is an absolute dream and quite possibly our best baby. When it comes to things like eating and sleeping he is a true rockstar. So much so that he is gaining much quicker than the other two. This is a bit of a relief as Everett was really slow to gain and we had to make sure we were waking and feeding on schedule with him. Quite possibly because he is eating so well he is also sleeping very well. I generally keep him up until we are ready to go to bed, which seems to be getting earlier and earlier these days, haha. But once we go to bed he will usually sleep about 6-7 hours straight!! Considering his brother doesn’t always do this I am absolutely amazed! People keep asking if we are getting sleep and I always answer yes and no. Ryerson is letting us sleep, but I am almost always woken up by his brother before hand, ugh. So I am very thankfully he is sleeping or else I would be a walking zombie. 

He has been fairly alert, I would say right from the get go. Obviously the first few weeks were that sleepy newborn phase but he seemed to creep out of that fairly quickly. He has been holding his head up and looking around when on his tummy since about 3 weeks, which amazes us. He is really strong and if it’s any indication of whats to come he will be running long before he hits a year. Send help now. As soon as he started looking around and focusing on us he would give us the biggest gummy smiles. And seriously they are the best. I think the best part is he also recognizes the kids (who are both in love with him) and gives them the biggest grins too. 

We all can’t wait to watch him grow and learn over the next year. He is just absolutely delicious and I’m not quite sure what our life would be like without him in it <3

Xo. Andria




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