UPPAbaby MINU; Ready, Set, Jet!

Thanks to the UPPAbaby MINU, we were able to ready, set, jet with ease on our vacation with the kids this past winter. Traveling with three kids, or any number of kids, is no joke but having the proper gear to help everything go smoothly is a huge help. Last time we went travelling we took our UPPAbaby G-Luxe with us and while I still love it, the MINU is even better for travelling! But before we go any further don’t write the UPPAbaby MINU off as just a traveling stroller, in fact its the perfect compact stroller for everyday use.

As someone who spent the majority of this past year driving a Volkswagen Golf R with three kids, one thing was certain, my space was limited. This meant that if I chose to bring my full-size stroller, the UPPAbaby VISTA, with me, it meant I was very limited as to what else I could put in the hatch of the car. Quite often that meant nothing else. Had I had the UPPAbaby MINU my life would have been a breeze. The stroller folds in HALF when it collapses, meaning that I could store it in my hatch, with the hatch cover on and ROOM TO SPARE. And this is why I say its the perfect everyday stroller. It’s compact for when space is limited, whether its storage space or car space and adaptable from birth to toddlerhood. 

UPPAbaby MINU the perfect compact stroller for everyday use


While it is a compact and light weight stroller, unlike an umbrella stroller the MINU is adaptable from birth. It has compatible carseat attachments meaning you can easily click in your seat and start rolling. As well it has the option to add on a bassinet.

UPPAbaby MINU is a dream for travelling


Take everything I’ve just said about the UPPAbaby MINU and apply that traveling with kids. It’s compact, meaning it takes up little space along side of the rest of your luggage. Because packing light with kids is nearly impossible right?

It collapses with ONE HAND. Amazing right? It collapses with one hand into a compact cube. Making it beyond easy for airport travel. Not only that but it has a travel approved bag (with backpack straps) for keeping it safe while in flight. 

When it comes to toting all the things with you while on the go, the UPPAbaby MINU has a large easy to access basket under neath. And yes, it’s large enough to fit my diaper bag in it! Probably my favourite storage spot on the MINU is the to so secret, secret compartment behind the seat. It’s the perfect spot to tuck those must have items, like your phone, sunglasses or even passports while your making you’re way through the airport. 

Napping Made Easy in the UPPAbaby MINU

Need to close your eyes for a second? The UPPAbaby MINU has you, well your mini counterpart, covered. The MINU has a multi-position recline, an amazing feature for a compact stroller. Even better is it functions be either loosening or tightening the straps at the back. Fast, convenient and easy to use. 

Last but not least, let’s talk about move-ability. This was something I picked up on right away. It has an all wheel suspension making the ride super smooth and while I wasn’t able to test it first hand (weight limit is 50lbs 😉 ) I noticed just how smooth it was when I was pushing it. It seemed to just glide across the ground wherever we went and turning, I could spin it around in circles seamlessly. 

UPPAbaby MINU, Travel Stroller, Compact Stroller, Collapsible Stroller

All around if you are in the market for a compact, lightweight, easy to use stroller that gives you all the features of the big guys, the UPPAbaby MINU is hands down the stroller for you. While it can only accommodate one child at a time, probably its only downside, it makes traveling and compact living a breeze. I’ll be switching back to our compact car next week and while I am sad to leave behind the luxurious space an SUV provides me, I’m laughing at the extra room I’ll have now in my hatch with the  UPPAbaby MINU!






Xo. Andria

{Disclosure, this post is in partnership with UPPAbaby, however all opinions stated above are my own. }

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