Viva Las Cupcakes

Have you ever seen a cupcake ATM? If you are a dessert-a-holic like me then you would agree it is the best invention ever! I had seen a few pictures of this amazing technology pop up on my Instagram feed from time to time, but all the posts were from LA vacations. That being said you can imagine my surprise when we get to Vegas and there was one right outside our hotel! My first thoughts when I saw the ATM? Hellooo breakfast! And that is exactly what we did, we grabbed our usual’s from Starbucks and headed over to the ATM to try it out. Evan chose Banana Chocolate and I went with marshmallow Chocolate. The ordering process was really simple, you pick your flavor, process your payment and then a video appears on the screen of a little robotic arm selecting your cupcake and placing it in the pick up window. When the pickup window opens sitting in the middle is the cutest little box containing your cupcake. It was a fun little experience and the cupcakes were super yummy.


Xo. Andria

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