Wheels, Suspension and Wine

Last month I joined a handful of other local bloggers at a fabulous dinner held by Bugaboo. For those that don’t know, Bugaboo is a mobility company that makes some of the most amazing strollers out there.  Not only only do they make some amazing products but they sure know how to share it.


Upon arriving at Black + Blue, part of the Glowball Group in downtown Vancouver, we were led upstairs to a private dining room. There in the middle of the table sat a Bugaboo Bee3 stroller, talk about making an impression!  The 3rd generation stroller the Bee3 is for newborns and toddlers and comes in a wide variety of new fabrics and colors. However with a name like the Bee I think yellow is the most suitable color for this stroller! The Bee3 also features a light weight pram and an extendable sun canopy for added protection. The stroller seat reclines as well is reversible. The stroller as a whole is very lightweight, with great mobility and is easy to collapse.

This sh!t is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S… is exactly what we were all thinking when we saw the Andy Warhol + Bugaboo Cameleon³ collaboration.  If you don’t believe me take a look for yourself


How fun is that?  Bugaboo teams up with other like minded companies to come up with new and exciting strollers. They have had a few other Andy Warhol  designs and have  another one coming out very soon. We were told what it was but its top secret 😉 Why have a boring black stroller like everyone else when you can have fun and exciting?

The Cameleon has a wide variety of great features. They are compatible with a light weight pram body, have an extendable sun canopy for added protection and the seat is both reversible and recline. Not only does the stroller have suspension, giving your precious bundle a smooth ride, but the wheels can be swapped from front to back! With a simple click you can move the handle bar to the other side of the stroller allowing the front and back wheels to switch to make it easier to get over certain terrains. How cool is that?

With lots of great features I think the only downside for most families is the price of the strollers. The Andy Warhol + Cameleon3 is priced at $1199 Canadian and the Bee3 with the bassinet starts at $940. The versatility of the strollers most definitely makes the price worth it, especially when you consider how long you will be using the stroller for. They also have the Donkey which can go from a mono stroller to a double, which is great feature if you are planning on expanding your family. The Bugaboos all hold their resale value making it easy to resell or purchase one second hand.



One of my favorite products that we were introduced to that evening was the Storksak, the Bugaboo diaper bag. It might indeed empty your piggy bank, priced at $475 for the leather bag or $259 for the nylon, but this is no average diaper bag. Made of real genuine leather this bag is sophisticated and clean. From the outside it looks like any designer bag but on the inside it has 8 compartments ready to stash your baby’s everyday needs, all while looking chic.  And with a name like the Storksak, how can you resist?

At the end of the day I had an excellent evening sipping wine and chatting strollers with some of my favorite local bloggers and the Bugaboo representatives.  It was a real honor to be invited to this dinner and get to know more about the brand and have the opportunity to sit down and chat with them. I think if I knew what I know now, Hazel might be rolling with a different stroller 😉

Xo. Andria



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